Individual Characters Idea

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  1. So I've had this idea for a while. Pretty much, it gives uniqueness to the banner displayed by your profile. My idea is that all of the equipment you have on shows up on a character by your name instead of the banner. In the background the banner could be there too if you want.

    The reason I think this would work is because we all have equipment but it looks kinda dumb just in a square around a banner. While it won't be visible that it is enchanted in the picture of the character, you can still check the profile for the details of enchantment. Also everyone will have their own character instead of all the same types of banner so that would be pretty cool.

    Credit IIII_x_BlackHandEclipse_x_IIII for additional banner idea:
    The banner in the back could be a banner that supported your home clan. The design would be the clan logos and the owner and admins have to allow you to put it on. You have the choice to use Clan Banner or a even or reqular banner

    Leave your thoughts please I know my idea is kinda incomplete
  2. Support I guess seems interesting
  3. This is the most needed update to this game 100% support
  4. We can't live without this DEVS DO THIS NOW WE NEED IT!
  5. Nice idea

  6. this reminds me of pimd 

    still, support.
  7. I think this idea (proposed many times before) should be implemented, not with individuals but perhaps clans.
  8. If a lb supports it they would work on it
  9. Kind of like avatars that are dressed up in the equipment? Makes sense to me
  10. Decent idea, support.
  11. Not original
  12. I've heard of worse ideas for the game.

    I was gonna put support for this until I thought about it.

    The fruitcakes on the game would cry for equal rights and want there characters to have rainbow outfits and be able to cross dress.
  13.  Frik n Frak n Frok have spoken
  14. Do u want a closet with a mirror and a powder puff table too?

    I support btw.
  15. This would give me one more reason to take off my equipment.
  16. Supportish...


    It'd look kinda tacky since all the equipment isn't matching.A chain of equipment all matching the same style and display would make this x10 better.
  17. Use avatars that wear what equip you have on...... YES.