indi war 'matchup to start delay' rethink 1 hour too long!?

Discussion in 'Wars' started by xWarRocketAJAXx, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. Start delay rethink...1 hour too long!!

    I propose the start time for the classic indi to be reduced to 30 mins wait and even 15 mins at weekends to encourage greater participation - this is ample time to set a war plan and with b2b events these days makes sense.

  2. I can refer this direct to devs if you would like?
  3. No support.

    The time is needed for wcs and trackers to get get ready for the war, especially since it often takes as much as 15 minutes for the full rosters to even show.
  4. 71 minutes is too long though.
  5. Agreed. I haven’t WC’d in a long time now, but always used every minute of the prep time to perfect my plan... Even badly skewed wars can be won with a good plan!
  6. 45 minutes would be ample though. 30min to set up15 mins to brief
  7. As a former wc/tracker, this is true
  8. I agree with this, especially since wars are about 11v11 now a days.
    Back then when wars were 25v25 more time was needed to size up the rosters and pick a strategy.
    45 minutes is plenty time.
  9. As a former wc, I can state with confidence that no one in indy follows the plan anyway- 30 mins would be fine.

  10. Yes run it up the flag pole called Winston and see if he gives answer. Then lock this
  11. Indis are won on matchup now. Doesnt matter if you prep. Make it 5 mins.
  12. This post seems to be have a fair argument on both sides. Personally I do not WC in war and always do what the wc asks of me. I Have both lost and won wars because of the WC's tactics.

    Sometimes matchups do become Lop sided so really proves every war is different. I Don't mind waiting for match up and the hour for war as I can get jobs done aswell as charge my device.
  13. I think it should be 30 min for all.

    Most matches are won at lock. Lowland participation is so low your chances are 1. Getting the clan you built your roster around initally
    2. You matched a ffa clan so no strategy is needed.
    3. You didnt get a match.
    Any decent lowland all wars usually are the same few clans with the same mixture of builds using variations of a strategy the frequently use.

    As far as indi wars go, match up is uaslly won on lock unless you had a big inactive issue. Charms run indi wars. Most lower tiers is everyone plunder and we see who plundered the most at start and the leads are normally so big to come back from. 30 min is more then enough time seeing as its always the same handful of people warring anyways.

    But while im here. Lets also cut the 3 hour wait time between sign ups.2 hours is plenty. Also, drop lowland wars while NK is running. Participation during nk for lowland is so low and makes more sense (profitably wise) to have just indi wars running during nk weekends. Increased particpation from people who cant find a lowland clan to war in. The number of randoms looking for a war all weekend is low and scattered. At least with indi, a roster can be made and it wont be a wasted 2 hours of no wars going at all.
  14. Dont remove LL for NK. Remove NK from kaw.
  15. Remove both. LL boring. Most clans are ffa just for tokens. And not using your whole build/bfa/bfe is kinda pointless.
    Instead they should stop using kaw revenue to stimulate another games growth and focus on rebuilding this one so its an actual WAR game as its title proposes.