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  1. As the subject states this thread is about indi rage.

    So as all wars this week are indi's i decided to throw my hat in the ring. Matchup seemed good and we had a chance of winning just like our enemy did.

    But as the war started it started to go down, we had a good wc and tracker but our team let us down.

    We had one person who didnt have enough mith to cast all 14 spell, i thought that would be a given, why war if you dont have everything you need? and to top it off he didnt have any crystals either!

    Ok so that i can get over i suppose, everyone wants to war but cant spend money on the game, im not happy but oh well.

    It gets worse, we had 2 inactives 1 of which would of been a yummy leak to the enemy a nice hansel account. People put time effort and money into wars, why throw away peoples effort by being inactive?

    Im worried for S5 i can see this whole week being indi's to test out if people will cast and war, with people like i had on my roster "warring" i dont think ill waste my time if S5 is all indi's.

    If S5 is all indi's that account should be perm banned for the rest of the season and all tokens/medals should be given up.

    Rant over
  2. Get it all out buddy. Get it all out
  3. IWar S5 allows for anyone to drop in n is problematic.
    S5 IWar supporters don't care about that or reserve the right to complain later as it suits them.
    Clan wars r internal n war clans only can look inward.
    Much is needed to improve S5 still n the best option is still Clan wars if the main issues r addressed.
  4. Whiner_onthe_battlefield
  5. :lol: ^
  6. Clan War/Indi mix cuts my ability to reach the too tier rewards since:

    A) Don't have a war clan.
    B) Or a specific build

    S5 proposal #2 limits field for all. Just need to kill inactivity/ ill intent
  7. It's a rare occurrence. Just strip farm the jerk. He won't be coming back after that.

  8. Sorry but I can't see this being the best option.

    I recently did three primals, lost two win one. The builds involved were like this:

    3 tanks and 12 ps1/hansel vs 2 tanks and 13 ps1 Hansels

    4 tanks and 11 Hansels vs 2 tanks and 13 Hansels

    2 tanks and 13 Hansels/ps1 vs 4 tanks 11hansels/ps1

    Every time the clan with the most Hansels won.

    Sorry, mate, but putting up with one or two EE war noobs is a lot less tragic than promoting a hansel-exclusive war system.
  9. Indis aren't all bad. Just keep growing and try to get out of bottom brackets. Im in lb bracket and if you pull bs stunts like that you get farmed
  10. Frog bro never said Primals.

    S5 should be CS BFA n BFE

    As it stands Proposal #1 is best only if fixed. If not then I have to put up with IWar n accept its problems.
  11. Clan wars are too exclusive if indi isn't included in s5 in some form your going to upset a large portion of the warring community.
  12. What is your Proposal #3?
  13. It's getting hard to be a proponent of indy wars. Every damn match there's someone being an ass going inactive or intentionally feeding the opposite team. And it isn't noob with leaky builds that everyone points their fingers at. The last two wars it was someone in top ten in cr with tower builds and part of big alliances. We can't have nice things because we have a crap community that gets more fun out of screwing people over than playing the game.

    Problem is with other proposal I won't get to war at all. So,whatever...
  14. IWars bite n unorganized scrambles.
    Its for noobs only
    S5 will be crap if IWar only
  15. 95% of individual wars i have been the opposite.. maybe individuals should learn how to wc. I enjoy individual over primal.
  16. i dont care what type of build you war with even if its a eb build. just be active , have what is need mith crystals ect. but unfortunatly people do want to leak because they think its funny.

    S5 should be a mix of all wars, some people love indi wars (i have no idea why lol) some want the others so why cant we have some of all? make a rotating scheduele?

    and why do people write tl;dr? its kinda pointless
  17. All indi week has been a great success. Keep it this way devs!!!
  18. Indi creates decent/fair match ups without excluding anyone from participating. Ofcourse there's going to be "noobs" on your team, but most likely they will be on enemies team aswell.

    And yes, sometimes your team consists off people without eyes or hands that cant seem to get 5 actions in during a 60 minute war, but you'll be facing those people aswell.

    I'd take indi wars over any other format. Rather lose a match due to a bunch of noobs w/o pots/mith/xtal than get no matched/mismatched.

    Did everyone forget about the no matches and mismatches lmao? Atleast with indi wars you are 100% sure of a matchup.