incremental land purchases

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  1. Allow kingdoms to invest in lands incrementally. That way at later stages you don't have to bank in pots or allies, which cause a loss when dropped or sold.

    This makes sense when your next land is 500b.
  2. no it doesnt work
  3. Good idea, I support
  4. Support
  5. Support!!!!!
  6. No support
  7. Support
  8. Of course someone that hflc wouldn't support, duh.

    And it would work.
  9. I'd like to see a little more effort, possibly add a cap? Or a minimum balance to "invest" for example
  10. Here's a cap 
  11. Actually a good idea.... Support but as others said, what would be the cap?
  12. The only cap should be the price of the land. No need for another. You also shouldn't be able to bank anymore after you have explored all lands forcing to invest in pots or ally's.
  13. No support. It's not supposed to be easy.

    Plenty of people out there have managed hflc, I'm sure you can too. Maybe you can get your mommy to hold your hand though if it makes you feel better.
  14. That is the most illogical place to put an insult