increased tiers should equal increased rewards

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by RangerRod, Dec 20, 2018.

  1. KaWmmunity,

    So the Devs have decided to raise tier level with top level being 46K event items for rewards, got it. I can understand the reasoning. But what I do not understand is why the equipment has stayed relatively the same as well as the meager amount of aqua/inferno. I propose that the reward levels should increase with the increased event items requirements.

    Secondly how many of you have an over abundance of inferno or aqua? This guy. So another suggestion I propose is to allow users to choose whether they would like inferno or aqua rather than just unthoughtfully giving the same over and over.

    Lastly, who has ever had to go so far as to purchase aqua/inferno?Well let’s see, there is a option to buy 10,20,30,40 and 50. However max you can buy is 30?! Does that make any sense?! How bout we up the limit to 50 per day like the selection option. Or remove it all together as that unachievable option laughs in my face every time I attempt to select it.

    Please support this thread.. I’m looking out for us all.

  2. I support anything that lets me get more aqua lol
  3. I propose we should be allowed to transfer aqua into inferno and vice versa or be able to trade another player for their aqua/inferno. There should obviously be a cap to avoid exploitation.
  4. No support because rod is big nub
  5. Don’t support.

    Why make it easy ? Some of us have taken years to build up lands, allies, clans and had it ruined now by mass alts farming free charms
  6. Increase the fail rates to upgrade equipment
  7. Rebel just a big old hater... look how many years I been playing bruh... preaching to the choir.. “those on top do anything to preserve their power”. That is called a dict(hater)atorship..