increase war participation idea

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  1. I have an idea that might be effecting why so many player don't War.
    I for one hate needing to lose 25% of my gold everytime I want to war.
    Either the economy of the game as it is an average player (say 750mcs) can easily earn 2t, 7t, or in some cases 50-100t in a few hours double cruxing and xtaling on several ZTS's.
    Then need to throw away 25tril so they can war .

    Now 25t is a lot to throw away.

    My idea is this add an Estoc Edge of 0.
    So there would be EE0,1,2,3,4,5
    And with the EE designation you can buy war bars for 3t each, that sell for 100% return
    And they could expire in a set amount of time 12-24 hrs
    So not to be a permanent bank but a way to war without loosing 25% of your hard earned gold
  2. You didn't even explain what your idea was
  3. Did u use an ampersand because I think ur thread got cut off?
  4. It got cut off I'm editing op
  5. How do people lose 25% of their gold when they war? I'm completely lost.
  6. Loosing 25% by banking in silver bars/pots
  7. But that's what is meant to happen I don't get it. Ee shouldn't get special treatment I have to bank constantly if I don't I lose a lot more than 25% I assure you of that and I'm completely fine with it.

    While we're on the subject of increasing ee participation before we have fixed the system itself...

    Why not have an equip like zta and zoma, would be the best in its slot forever. Only obtainable and upgradeable through many wars obviously the developers can figure that out.

    I posted the same thing for PvP blitzes too I believe that should have a super equip too to boost participation.
  8. And all the understat accounts opt in,hit open farms 10x their size and are rewarded OP equipment? No ty
  9. Awful thread, but yeah increase participation so I can war in the second tier.
    Bring out a new season with loads of shiny overpowered bfe and fat statcks of silver bars
  10. I have been away a while and came back maybe 2 months ago. After doing these PvP blitzes I have come to the conclusion that we need more people doing them. I can see ways you can accomplish this.

    1. Remove ZTA from weekends, why would people do PvP event when they can just slap zta? Put it on in the week.

    2. You now have the legend events that give permanent stat items. Run them as normal but at the weekend, like the one running now where you have to collect scales make the drops only available through PvP.

    3. Add an equip like zta and zoma only upgradeable through doing many PvP events. Obviously this equip would have to be the best in its equip slot and stay that way.

    Lastly this will just make it alot more enjoyable for all who enjoy real PvP since you won't be able to farm pure spies. Have the items someone drops based on how many they have like that event a couple months ago. I have no idea why you haven't already implemented this in to PvP blitzes already.

    That's why I wrote the last bit they'd still be able to hit bigger accounts sure but they wouldn't be able to hit them non stop they'd actually have to work for it.

    But obviously I'm dreaming for wanting actual PvP events instead of weekend Pwars because the devs obviously like Pwars.
  11. Bank all gold and lose nothing? TERRIBLE idea for fairies like myself!
  12. You guys wasting your time giving ideas. Developers don't care what you think. For them this game giving them enough profit with little investment. They already accepted that this game will not last. They still can make few millions until the end from those that are hooked chasing the golden dragon tail.
  13. @-grizzy-, to be fair, there is some nostalgia factor for having a "pwar" mechanic in the game somewhere. While it is abusing the system, it does give the system users which I can skirmish with, so I'm happy with it.

    After all, the best way to defeat OSFs is to shut them down. While the global OSFs are doing a service and thus I wouldn't target them like clan OSFs of the past, all the benefactors have willingly signed themselves up as targets, which is exciting enough <3