increase pot purchase with 1000 and 2500

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by GOLDEN-MINOTAUR, Sep 23, 2014.

  1. Support there are no cons. Just because you can buy in bulk on PC doesnt mean it cant happen on all devices. GG.

  2. Time your spare time to buy pots and shut up
  3. PC caps at 1000 at a time. So buying in bulk on PC is also slow.
  4. I support the increase in buying in larger quantities, but only up to a certain amount.

    I don't support a "buying max" option though. Just for the fact that I feel like it would ruin the aspect of warring. Banking trillions with the click of one button.. OSW would go no where. But I do support a "selling max" option though. 
  5. I once sat and bought 300k seal of deflections to see if there was a limit. I support for those on device, I also think 1k is too small a max for those on PC
  6. Yup this is a long overdue update amongst many other things.

    Devs get off your lazy rich asses, put down your weird soy latte earth conscience animal friendly coffee drinks, and head over to your desk and create this update that would probably take 10 minutes to do even if a smart ape was doing it. K thx.
  7. I can buy 10k of a certain pot within 10sec… why do we need this?
  8. I support, not all of us have a pc.