increase pot purchase with 1000 and 2500

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  1. If you use apple device it's 500 max. It's insane
  2. I respect that 
  3. Support to op, how about one other quick thing too.. How about a "buy max" button? This would be easy and save the buying "917" pots by 500,200,10,5,2.. Etc
  4. Support OP. Good idea to have maximal available amount to buy at bottom. Similar features for bronze bars.
  5. Support. Please increase how many you can buy
  6. how about an option that will automatically buy the pot with remaining of gold ?
  7. Also please make the same UI apply to how many items you can sell. Some people occasionally need to unbank 100k bronze bars.
  8. I would also like ability to buy multiple pots at once:
    Say 1000 of all atk pots, etc.
  9. Or just buy 500 of all pots at once
  10. Support, max on PC is about 1,000.
  11. The only downside I see is that strip victims would be able to bank faster :lol:
  12. Support in buying multiple pots, over 1k and selling multiples too
  13. Support.
    Easy fix, just add in 100,2000,3000 etc up to 10000
  14. Support.
  15. Totally with you golden lol ️Support
  16. Need 1,000 and 5,000 increments
  17. Support why
    1. It reduce player fatigue and time used.
    2. Battery last longer
    3. Server has more time for other players
  18.  shoot man people got money to blow! How much are you spending just for 500 of each sheesh 
  19. Support