increase pot purchase with 1000 and 2500

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  1. I also agree, makes kaw life easier️
  2. OP, you don't need pots, you EB fairy.

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  3. I kinda support this but witg typing in how many we would like same as averaging the price for xtals and nobility pionts so we can buy how many we require. therefore possibly increasing profit as more people will be more drawn in to buying them
  4. Full support for this idea. Devs please take the time and look into this. Many of us would appreciate the ability of oirchasing more than 500 or 1000 max at a time.
  5. Drink beer and relax,it'll all seem better 
  6. oh incase i wasnt clear on fiest page....

  7. I agree with this, support 
  8. Support!
  9. Support this idea
  10. currently play on an Android phone, the most I am allowed to purchase is 500. Adding higher purchasing options would save a ton of time as well as be more user friendly for all KAW players.
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  11. This maybe a good idea for big stats and rich account. This will have negative effect on med and small buids strugling to upgrade. They could purchase way too much by accident. You know how everyone feels accidentally hiring a statless ally cost 500 billion. I think current amount is okay. Purchasing 10K of each pot will not take that long. Also will last for a while unless you are in OSW. Lets be honest 10 K of each pot will last 2 season in EE.
  12. Support but make it where u can type in how much u want of an item like pc
  13. @sean there's no 1k buy option.
  14. I'm supporting my myself. Cos I'm right