increase pot purchase with 1000 and 2500

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  1. Buying pots is draining more out of my life than this war season. The pot amount purchase is the same as it was when there was just LL. Then the max gold was a fraction of what is earned in EBs now. It's painful and boring.
  2. You can use your computer and buy them in bulk.
  3. I agree with Narwhal, pc works for bulk
  4. OP,

    If you are in PC, you can just buy them in bulk at one go.

    For example, if you want to buy 600 Healing Aura....
    You can just type in "600" on the white box under the Buy button.

    Then you will have 600 Healing Aura.

    Or if you are in a mobile phone, go to the Marketplace.

    You can see there's a button when buying, there's a list of numbers you want to buy. 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000.

    You can easily buy up to a thousand in seconds!

    Kaw player, sean893
  5. uhm im not seeing this 1000 after 500 you speak of
  6. My droid stops at 500.
  7. Support, bought 6k sdp and a lot more other pots and man did it drain my time :'(. On iphone.
  8. Not everyone has a pc..
  9. Exactly, inferno. Support @ OP. We need to be able to manually type in the number we want on iOS,pc, and any other KAW devices up to 10k at one time.
  10. Either way on PC u cant buy more than 1000 at same time, so support.
  11. 1000 is bulk ? Some of us would like to buy in 5k or 10k intervals. Would be sweet
  12. Support, easy fix devs help the players for once
  13. Even on PC it's limiting. Only 1000 at a time. Make this easier devs on all devices. Thanks
  14. Agree with Mino, why cant I instead type it in? Like PC? I dont play on PC..
  15. Support to op. Sadly I can't even afford the 500 at a time. Maybe one day.....
  16. Support, trying to sell ~5k BB is a pain in the ass...