Increase max Mith purchase - UA spell

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  1. Why is the cap set at 6? Those of us who do not do ee wars are effectively unable to cast Unholy A spell
  2. Because you only need the five spells that cost 6 or under to war as a minimum.
  3. Maybe it's an incentive to EE ;)
  4. Nb4Eagle

    but... The more you cast, the more you make back, so this is to give incentive to war more. And why allow someone who doesn't war/pvp to cast a spell designed solely for war/pvp?
  5. This was somewhat answered in the thread about mith sales. Mith is capped at 6 to allow you to buy the stat spells and the cheapest ally spell. UA makes the enemy lose more gold not you gain more so not much use for non warriors anyway.
  6. But that is precisely my point. Those of us who osw but do not do ee are effectively banned from UA. Cap should be 15 - not 6
  7. If you want mith which is a war reward then war for it. People are sick of pve players having all the advantages. War or deal with it
  8. So many noobs requesting this. If you're gonna spam forums at least make it something that makes sense to have
  9. OSW fairy.
  10. I understand ops request. If you are not an ee-fairy but do osw or other off-System pvp you cant participate in the bigger mith-stuff. I agree that this is something that should be thought over...
  11. Support to oz
  12. Yupp, basically just do an iwar and there you'll likely get at least enough for ua. If you cant set aside two hours to do it you must not want ua that bad
  13. I wasnt aware ee is more war than osw.

    war is chaotic and unpredictable. like osw. ee is not chaotic and unpredictable, when most big clans fix their rosters specifically to get a match they will easily win (predictability).

    there should be a way to get mith for ppl who osw outside of ee. because lets be totally honest... no one is gonna drop mid osw cuz they need to renew ee.
  14. And how is the ability to hold more than 6 (15 would be the number) give anyone but oswers advantages?

    and how do fairies have an advantage when ee equip is the best in the game, excluding all star equip, which was also earned in war?

    is it cuz they make more gold? Take down your towers. go hit someone. more than hte.

    so these benefits fairies enjoy.... sleep? oh wait. its ee. you sleep as well.

    i fail to see an issue with increasing cap to 15. "oh, but then the fairies can do a single enchantment on ee equip" first they have to get ee equip... the arguments are invalid.
  15. So all those other players that are in osw that do EE are what exactly??

    Just because you are in an osw doesn't mean you can't jump out to do an indi or primal.
  16. I dont see what the problem with raising the cap to 15 would be. The mith equip is still the biggest reward for ee. A 15 cap wont change that.
  17. A higher cap also makes it easier to purchase and enchanted mith equipment. A higher limit means less people war.
  18. Do EE problem solved not much to argue here
  19. EE is lame and mechanics are shot to hell. Why would anyone want to join into a set war that is either A) stacked/exploit clan or B)indi getting ruined by some ass hat?

    There should be other ways to acquire UA besides a random crap shoot that takes an hour and cost a dollar?
  20. I agree with Arz.. Allow both ee players and osw warriors the ability to take more gold from an enemy.

    It would highly benefit osw'ers in cleaning out a strip target.