increase indi war involvement

Discussion in 'Wars' started by GOLDEN-MINOTAUR, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. Totally support this
  2. Then it's decided. I'm right. Be good chaps at ATA and sort this out. Increase EE 1% and do something about pots on iPhones.
    Oh while your at it, could you do something about botting before more good players quit.

    Lastly, you need to increase the amount of pots on that new smoking monkey EB. There's just not enough. I'm
    Kidding it's terrible
  3. This game will be bled dry until heck fart is up and about the it will go the same way as future wombat and gangs at bore. Sorry. That is just the way of things.
  4. Apparently they've already broke KoH with spending....

    On topic though what would really help would be some sort of tutorial or at least SOME information about wars. You get a 30 second intro on how to place buildings and that's it. If PvP is such an integral part of the game then why is it ignored when it comes to the games tutorials? Who's going to want someone who has no knowledge on what a war entails on their team?