increase indi war involvement

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  1. over 5 EE should increase 1% per war up to 100% and give you 55EE. It should erode rather than disappear at 1EE every couple of days. More people would war I think. I don't know. Worth a go.

    Also for the love of god increase pot buying to 5000 from 500. It's infuriating. Last time I forumed this a few kaw trolls wrote no support prob based on what mummy fed them for breakfast. I'll pay nobs for the option devs ( more cash for you)
    Have an ALL pot sell option.
    I get it that new players could screw up, then do it at medium or high level. It should be an asset not a chore.
  2. A few other points:

    Matching needs to be fixed. Yesterday cr by cr one side was bigger than the other, with ally lb1 on the big side.

    Rewards need to be brought in line with legends. War rewards are lagging badly and discouraging participation.

    Do more to discourage anti-competitive behaviour and action counting. Decrease rewards for losing clans. I'm tired of Ffa ll wars and ps that scout down the lowest sdt then go to sleep
  3. Or... They could make war enjoyable.

    People only warring for trinkets and ee spells is the problem what's the point if it's not fun? Scrap ee completely and think of something new and exciting and more people will war. I won't be warring if they increase the ee level's and I'm sure it won't make any difference to most other player's either ee is crap simple as that really. Support to being able to buy more potions I suppose I don't see how it would hurt.
  4. I haven't Indi warred since the fun got to below 10%. That was about 6 months ago.
    ASW is the only last element of war in KAW that I enjoy. And no rewards for it, which I am fine with.
    ASW 3,4,5,6 were all a blast to be a part of. Happy memories being a part of ASW 4 Gold Champions clan Blue Wolves.
  5. Fully support, good ideas Mino
  6. You can buy a million pots at once now
  7. Full Support 'geez' buying pots at the level i do at work takes up my whole lunch break.I would gladly pay noobs for it.
  8. Support. Even 1000 pots at a time would be huge.
  9. No one notice this? Jeez
  10. Pretty sure only PC players can input the amount of pots they wish to buy/sell. The rest of us have to manually buy 500 pots at a time till we have our desired amount.
  11. The Android version at least, was recently updated with a new Marketplace that allows you to choose the amount you want to buy/sell. I'm not sure if Apple got the same update though.
  12. Support to Mino and this idea. I agree buying of pots should be updated to more than what's currently available.
  13. So apple doesn't have this?

  14. Honestly one of reasons I stopped warring cuz of crap I kept seeing - devs are clueless. I don't think they play their own games to see what works. I think they throw ideas, implement it (99% of time they implement badly and get crucified in wc) and adjust according to feedback.

    I'm not sure about the 55ee thing. Instead of that how about 1 lucky winner from winning side gets a chest drop that will give them an additional 2% bonus to whatever ee% bonus they are running on for 3 days; these bonuses can stack meaning you can potentially get 3 chest drops (lucky if u do) and run 6% bonus on top of ur ee% bonus. These ee chest bonus dun go away if u lose a war unless u have no ee at all but if U get in the next war, u could win and have ee1 to go with ur ee chest bonus.

    Increasing amount of pots u can buy is an issue.

    I think to increase war participation is to lower ee timer to 5 days instead of 2 weeks.

    Some of the most infuriating things about war

    - devs stated they are unable to balence a roster with the same number of spies on each roster. Seriously? They can't fix this? Only takes me 5 min to see if the war is a terrible match. Devs should b able change a roster to create a fair war - they are just unwilling to put in the work (cough cough called being lazy)

    - some wars r also terribly imbalanced cuz one side has a huge guy (I mean so big the biggest guy on the other side can't even touch him) and devs try to compensate by putting smaller guys on his side and putting bigger guys on the other side - Like balencing weight on a scale. Hello! This method doesn't work. The war rosters would b easier to create and balence if the big guy isn't rostered. But oh no the devs feel that if u cast then you should be allowed to war. Where is there a rule that states this??? Unless there is another huge guy to put on the other side, the huge guy should be given a message that they were unable to place him in a clan for war.

    - theses huge cs...I dunno I haven't warred in pots and mith even make a difference now with charms, equip and bonus??? I kinda doubt it. If mith & pots dun make an impact - it would mean that wars are outdated then - mith and pots would need to be updated to reflect the new builds