Incorrect Stat increases on ADT and SDT on new lands

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. Yo Devs, it's 2017 already...... ⏰⏰
    How about some answers?
  2. Code:
    gold = 100000000000000 # 100 trillion
    steals = 0
    while gold > 10000000000: # 10 billion
        gold = gold -(0.002 * gold)
        steals += 1
    print("Under 10 bil - {} steals".format(steals))
    while gold > 1:
        gold = gold - (0.002 * gold)
        steals += 1
    print("Zero'ed - {} steals".format(steals))
    Under 10 bil - 4601 steals
    Zero'ed - 16102 steals
    I think the logic is correct
  3. Great job on the breakdown
  4. Most of the team was out of the office over the New Years long weekend, but now that the team is back up and rested from spending the holidays with family and friends we'll get back looking into this.
  5. Awesome Grant. Really appreciate the note. Happy new year to you and the team.
  6. Support to you Ado. Interested in seeing the Devs response. Well laid out and thought out. 
  7. Support. Thanks for your efforts.
  8. Thats so we dont have 10T stats per player. Move on
  9. Massive Support. Nice work Ice.
  10. I love it when people don't bother reading the thread properly and then comment without thinking. @KoT apart from the irregularity of the increases one of my main points was about the obvious mistakes at levels 15-16 and 18-19 on adt and lvl 17-18 on sdt where the increases are wildly out of sync and bear no resemblance to all the other upgrades. I suggest you re read or move on yourself.
  11. Hi folks,

    I want to let Charlie explain, but he's away for the next couple days. I looked into it and it has affected around 200 people, but most of them are far past the supposed weirdness around those specific levels. I also found that the balance is not wrong though, but I would rather let Charlie get into more detail with you as this was his design.
  12. So 10.75T for 1.2mcs is legit?
    Great stuff
  13. Like I said, I'll let Charlie talk to you about it.
  14. Hello!, support. Pls look into improper balancing
  15. Thanks Mark but really whatever Charlie says unless a correction is made it sounds like you are saying, because it's only affected 200 people then you won't fix this.has Charlie decided adt and sdt no longer really matter?coz if that's the case I wish I'd known that before I spent trillions on those buildings. I mean I appreciate we have to wait to hear what he says but this is a mistake there really isn't anything he can say other then,"yeah there was an error we will fix it".
  16. Oh and Potato my friend it gets worse then that. How about 13 trillion for 506,000 cs. I mean what a rip off. What a joke. Can't wait to hear Charlie justify that logic
  17. It appears maximum they will do is even out sts per ug but I'm sure end sts won't change. That's if anything will be done but talking lol Money we spent to bc are already gone so who cares..but those 200 players lol I was wondering why were my adt sts so low after I finally completed i know why. No Mark, we aren't past that weirdness u speak of, the end sts are there and they still seem pretty weird if u ask me. I think most spenders (that 200 are likely to be the majority) will think twice about continuing playing this game next time u release another set of lands or levels. Because sounds like we gonna get nothing but explanation and I personally don't care about explanations. Anyway, Happy New Year everyone :)
  18. Also can I ask what how one can be past the "supposed weirdness"?
    Even if you have LvL20 ADT on OR, you still have the horrendous stat increases of the lv15-16 and 18-19... Just because it's not your next upgrade, doesn't mean it's not an issue
  19. Yes, that's exactly my point. I have 3 lvl20 adt and I planned to see the end sts to be close to 200k, coming from how offensive builds upgrades went anyway. It seems devs think we are concerned about the balance of increase between the levels, but that's only the tip of an iceberg really..
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