Incorrect Stat increases on ADT and SDT on new lands

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. Ok finding it a little frustrating
  2. Mmm not sure why rest of my message was cut off. Bottom line I was told this would take longer then usual because Charlie is on holiday and he's responsible for this. But he's just announce a zta promo so what's going on guys. Thanks

  3. Oof. Thats gotta hurt, but i see 2 possibilities.

    1: The devs share accounts and decided to use the charlie account to post that.

    2: Charlie doesn't want to fix this.
  4. If acct sharing is not allowed then ata charlie should b baned
  5. Totally.

  6. I dont see the issue. End result is always the same when complete...
  7. Going off on a tangent...
    Some other silly stats...

    Roussey $3m for 47secs = garbage

    Mafia always claimed money was in garbage.
  8. A very happy new year to all ;)
  9. And the wait continues...
  10. I think devs are ignoring this like how my ex wife ignores me 
  11. I don't mind if the stat increase goes down each time.

    Seriously, it's better to be a Money Sink. Remember when HL lvl 4 came out and everyone was like, meh? Well, everyone still spent the 153 billion (give or take) on 25 lands to make their kingdom super shiny.

    Lvl 10-20 gives TOO MANY stats. I'm still about a quad away (give or take), but think that it should give far less than it does.

  12. Lol they were lazy and didn't give af?
  13. They changed many of the mechanics on me. I'd have to publish an incomplete guide and have it edited and revised by player measurements.

    Each steal removes .002 of available funds on a player though if you're still curious on that. Keep in mind that's not .002 of what you had at the beginning of a strip it's .002 of what is remaining each new action. So since there is no minimum steal value steals can go on forever with no dtw...

    I'm not sure off hand how many it would take to get any person under 10b on a strip. I'd have to take a day to math all that out.
  14. Well worded, clear and concise thread. Just waiting on the sidelines for a response. Hopefully the wait isn't too long.
  15. Let me just make the buildings
  16. Dear Devs,

    I believe Brother Ice asked youses a question, like last year or sumfink.

    Kindly respond or continue to be potatoes.

    Best Wishes
    Gunny x
  17. I find this offensive, as I identify as a Potato myself.

    Please check yourself before you mash yourself
  18. Apologies Potato, please be assured no potatoes were harmed in the making of this post :)
  19. Well one grazed a knee( do potatoes have knees?) but that was due to clumsiness
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