Incorrect Stat increases on ADT and SDT on new lands

Discussion in 'Questions/Feedback' started by Adonis-ICE_MaCHiNE, Dec 28, 2016.

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  1. Fully support this 
  2. Although I'm far from seeing those errors in my upgrades, I do agree that spending more for less is useless. If that was the case, nobody would be BC.... all would just buy allies.... makes no sense at all. Nice checking again ICE. :)
  3. Then why are so many people build complete :roll:
  4. It's designed to be a Money sink, do you want more stats to skew kaw even more ?
  5. No point in trying to persuade you Onesy and that's fine. But what say you about the obvious adt and sdt stat increase errors? You neglected to comment on that part of my post. Surely those tiny increases amongst much bigger ones don't look right?
  6. Support. Would be great to hear what Devs have to say about this.
  7. Support...Also, where's my love in ac? Lol
  8. Basics of game design/human psychology

    The first level should offer a larger/more "rewarding" *ding*, in this case stats. With the prices as they are the apes want to encourage players to drop gold on a building.

    Now why the randomness in the upgrades from there only ATA can tell you. In general it's accepted practice in the industry to say give a 170k stat jump from 10-11 and then work 11-12 and up on a curve, or linear, from say 90k stat jumps.

    That helps motivate people to buy that first level, and keeps the game "growing".
  9. Excellent work... Levels 10 - 12 here I come... Then stop
  10. @realboy1...7167 posts to date... Much free time?
  11. Stat choke at higher prices is a temporary kick of the can down the street. Bringing mid builds closer to BC makes sense only if game reaches its end. That means no more upgrades, no more land. If progress is to be expected with introduction of more lands or buildings, those midstats players that were supposed to be bridging gap, now have huge threshold to get over.
    I remember Charlie messing with stats and ranking in the clans once. This was very quickly discarded due to huge outcry of discontent . I see Charlie is trying to mess in game again. This is no social experiment, and testing of mad theories should be solely reserved for PMID. Hands off our game Charlie 
  12. How's that working out for you?
  13. Mark, keep looking in to it. Meh. Ice, good work as usual. Maybe ATA should have you on the least in their QA department.

    Happy KAW'ing all 
  14. Is this a new issue?

    As far as I know, the combined stat per gold spent fluctuates up and down when upgrading for most buildings.

    This also isn't just for tower buildings, for example, and isn't only for osmon rai lands.
  15. Charlie is a jack hole clearly.
  16. Again thanks for the support guys. Terra have another look at my original post. Look at the specific adt and sdt upgrades I've called out as mistakes. They look wrong, really nothing much more can be said until Mike or Charlie come back to us. Appreciate it's holiday time guys but will keep bumping until we hear back. Thanks
  17. The stat ug increments r a curiosity.
  18. Good catch support this how long it gonna take them to look into it I wonder.
  19. Yes I read the post, it seems exceptionally bad on these buildings. But is not isolated to them.
  20. Support. This issue definitely needs addressing. Good work Adonis great thread.
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