Incorrect Stat increases on ADT and SDT on new lands

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  1. Hello KaWmunity and Charlie,

    I hope you are all very well and had an amazing Christmas and looking forward to a brilliant New year.

    Earlier this year, 13th April and 9th May 2016 to be exact, I posted two notes on the forums entitled Incorrect Stat Increase on Attack Buildings on New Lands and Incorrect Stat Increase on SDT and ADT buildings on New Land respectively. On both occasions the Devs agreed that an error had occurred on the stats across both the attack buildings and the SDT and ADT buildings and subsequently made changes to correct the errors. The KaWmunity rejoiced and all was good again in the world. The crux of the error was that as you scaled up through the upgrades the stat increases in each case reduced, and it was agreed that you should not pay more for less in each case. In fact if you pay more you should get more.

    Well I've discovered another very similar error on the 11-20 levels on the new lands buildings.

    The issue is not that each and every level reduces in stat increases, the issue is twofold. Firstly the increases look to be completely random and not make sense, I’ve been told that Charlie, who is responsible for the stat increases has purposely set them at these levels, but I’m not convinced and would love to hear from him on this. Surely with each level increase and the fact that you have to pay more each time you should benefit an additional stat increase. The Devs agreed with this supposition on my last posts so why change it here? Let’s have a look at what I’m talking about.
    For ease the increases are as follows. First ADT:

    ADT Osmon Rai Land building stats increase per level (10 - 20)

    10-11 = 158,499,927 - cost 7.5t

    11-12 = 173,902,345 - cost 8t

    12-13 = 143,007,325 - cost 8.5t

    13-14 = 144,872,489 - cost 9.25t

    14-15 = 145,974,880 - cost 10t

    15-16 = 68,947,519 - cost 10.75t

    16-17 = 129,557,015 - cost 11.25t

    17-18 = 140,394,881 - cost 12t

    18-19 = 25,305,886 - cost 13t

    19-20 = 117,276,098 - cost 14.5t

    As you can see you only get a 117,276,098 increase in raw stats from lvl 19-20 and you pay 14.5t for that upgrade but you get a 158,499,927 raw stat increase from level 10-11 but only have to pay 7.5t . That doesn't make sense and is not the case on upgrades from levels 1 -10. In most cases each increase does not correlate vs the cost of that upgrade. The second issue, as I'm sure you've spotted, is the increase in stats from levels 15-16 and levels 18-19. These are so low they must have been made in error. Could I ask you please to first fix these and then look at the increases at each level. Back in April and May you agreed with me that you are charged more you should get more, not less.

    You can also see a similar irregular pattern when looking at SDT. Please see below:

    SDT Osmon Rai Land building stats increase per level (10 - 20)

    10-11 = 168,343,320 - cost 7.5t

    11-12 = 164,504,018 - cost 8t

    12-13 = 134,692,997 - cost 8.5t

    13-14 = 150,264,763 - cost 9.25t

    14-15 = 100,519,721 - cost 10t

    15-16 = 118,228,509 - cost 10.75t

    16-17 = 109,995,427 - cost 11.25t

    17-18 = 86,953,861 - cost 12t

    18-19 = 103,838,901- cost 13t

    19-20 = 113,863,438 - cost 14.5t

    Again the increases here do not correlate properly. How can 7.5t buy you an increase of 168,343,320 but 14.5t only gets you an increase of 113,863,438? Level 17-18 increase also looks to have been made in error as it's exceptionally low.

    I have also looked at the attack buildings and if you look at the Empyrean Lair building, in each and every case from levels 11-20 the increases in stats drop as you upgrade. Guys you agreed previously this should not be the case, and we all agreed that paying more for less isn't right.

    Could I please ask you to review my findings above and have a look and make the necessary changes in game
  2. The decrease in stats given the higher price I marginally understand, they want these levels to be a gold sink and not give too much stats/plunder like the 1-10 levels. However the anomalies make no sense at all, especially in the ADT building, that does seem to be an apparent error. Thanks for bringing this up
  3. Wasn't something similar mentioned earlier when the new levels came out
  4. I'm guessing the aim was to give something for big accounts to work towards without their stats taking them way out of the reach of medium players. Makes sense to me. You get fast growth to lvl12 then it slows down so although BC people have an advantage it isn't a ridiculous one. Should lead to lots more mid stat accounts that can still get involved in war with BC.
  5. Those stat increase variations per amount spent is ridiculous. Definitely worth an explanation
  6. So like 1 land= half my build... Yay
  7. Whatever the aim was - not cool..I mean, look at my adt lol
  8. Support Adonis and tyvm for your efforts on this issue.
  9. Great work & post. <thumbs up>
  10. I agree, needs readjusting, refunded or changed to appropriately correlate with the lower upgrades stats to price increase, not be such a puzzled mess.
  11. Great work Ado!! Fully support!!
  12. Charlie is sniffing 2 much Charlie ?️????????????????❄️❄️❄️
  13. Hi guys, looking into it.
  14. Charlie made a thread for discussion before introducing the 11-20 levels and I said a transparent and consistent progression would be my preference.

    Charlie disagreed, opining that it would be more interesting for us to figure out ourselves.

    But those progression figures are nothing like those for other lands/buildings where the variances are generally in couplets.
  15. Great thread and totally agree . We need to see this changed asap
    Nice effort ADO bringing this to attention and addressing it
  16. Well I don't really get the tech gist of it, but GJ if you actually found an error in the system. I sure as hell wouldn't have seen it lol.
  17. I think it's fine, should cost more for the new lands for upgrades. Help smaller players catch up
  18. Thanks Mark. Appreciate you looking into this, hopefully hear back soon. And thanks for all the support guys.
  19. @Onesy. It's not an issue that it costs more. I agree it should for each upgrade. But for that cost you should get extra increases in stats or it doesn't make sense. How does it make sense to spend 7t on an upgrade and get a bigger boost to stats than spending 14.5t? And if indeed, as suggested, it's been designed that way to be a sink hole for gold and bridge the gap for smaller players well to that I say this. Nonsense. The gap between a bc player and someone upgrading from lvl 10-11 is huge. I mean massive with quadrillions in gold difference. Remember fully upgrading from all Lvls 10 to Lvls 20 costs 2.6qt, so unless the gaps where massively small on each upgrade it will never bridge that gap. The upgrade stats should follow some kind of pattern as they increase and follow the gold spent (as they do on all previous lvl increases throughout the rest of kaw). As you pay more you should get more. Beyond that point my stat examples prove not only 2 clear adt errors and 1 sdt error but also that in both adt and sdt cases the increases follow no pattern whatsoever they increase, then decrease then increase again randomly. I think that's wrong and many agree. I'm really looking forward to hearing back from the Devs on this. Let's see what they say. Thanks
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