Incognito Window?

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by PlayfulBebeBunny, Aug 14, 2018.

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  1. Why can we some how be able to sign into multiple accounts on one app? This would be very convienant. Especially for those who have multiple alternate accounts. But yea let me know what yall are thinking.
  2. Doesn't apply to me, but what's up with the incognito window?
  3. @sean893 well for my job it allows me to be able to be signed into the stores outlook email and my personal work email at the same time. But if you Google it you'll come up with "to keep your browsing history private from other users."
  4. Regardless of the reason you need incognito, can you just use a different browser?
  5. If you are on PC, you can use a browser to open the KaW web client as many as time as you want and log into different accounts via ATA ID or FB.
    If you want to run android instances on PC, you can use Android Studio or Nox+ to stage multiple android apps on PC.
    If you want to run multiple KaW instances on Android, you can find such apps on the play store. Just look for app cloners.
  6. There is a way. You just haven’t figured it out yet.
  7. Venom just answered that question.
  8. you have to go incognito so devs cant track and ban you for it.

    id also recommend using a vpn if youre going to try this. dangerous stuff

  9. Incognito browsing will not stop devs or anyone else seeing what you are doing it just hides the history from the device used to access the internet. The electronic trail still remains.

    As for VPN the op has asked about multiple account. VPN and Incognito will not make any differences.

    If you access kaw through a 3rd party App then ATA will not support that. Its always a risk having duplication software on a device from a internet security point of view.
  10. I would also like to add that you can have multiple of any app on a single Android or IOS device as long as you have multi user enabled. This may require root/jailbreak. But ALL user data including app data is separated.

    But i use Incongnito mode to hide my anime watch history from the FBI.
  11. I completely forgot about this lol Thanks for commenting.
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