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  1. So as a long time player upon reawakening from the grave that is the kaw slumber ive noticed that kaws changed drastically in a simple war.
    Haa nothing to do with war.

    I get players hop to finish legends and eventa but there amount that hop out of utility compared to hopping out of... Whatever reason (trying to grow. Maintain lb. Etc;)
    Lets be real. How often do we see (mb lotl/goth) because at thia point 1 unload maxes out the item drops.

    So whats the incentive to stay in a clan? From a purely mechanical gamepoint. There is none. In fact it has become detremebtive to staying in a clan which i do not believe the game has been intended to go.
    What are some ideas players have that could change this?
    Plz stay on topic of discussion.
  2. My initial couple thoughts are nifty but one thing is constantly in the way. The EE wars.
    We could gice plunder bonuses/ or a daily (scaling) reward for days spent in clan. Plenty of games have done this. Even a timer after joining a clan before you can join a new clan. Another common theme in games.

    But again EE gets in the way of these and war goera shouldnt necessarily be punished.
  3. Increase of maz event rewards from inidivudal ebs may be a very reasonable fix to this. As said you can max out event rewarda with 1 unload. Maybe a bit more depending on stats ofc. But this might reduce the "flow"
  4. It doesn’t matter what incentive you give as far as mechanics, the only way to get true clan loyalty is to be an engaging, fun, and active clan that keeps things interesting.

    Like, honestly that is all it takes, be fun, be interesting. Start a osw, or have inner clan games and competitions. Talk for the love of the gods to each other. Joke around, if you have someone who needs advice or who needs to just rant, listen to them and offer some advice.

    The human bond is what promotes clan loyalists and incentivizes clans to stay together. And if y’all can find a common goal, that just cements it.

    New Age Legends has that, it’s the only reason I play, it’s why I keep returning. (I HATE EB’s and growing, so this game isn’t my favorite style of game play anymore.) But I love my mates in New Age.

    In short, be awesome, allow your players to have fun, create a common goal, and have competitions and inner clan games within this game. There is your incentive.

    As far as the mechanical aspect. There really isn’t a need in my opinion.
  5. Ive been a part of NAL in the past and thats why i remain in foxes. BUT its still a form od tap tap game nowdays and devs really dont give incentive to stay in 1 clan. I mostly avoided making those points in OP so i didnt have a wall of txt for people to go through.
    But i do agree. (Osw doesnt promote activity it promotes comradarie and weens those not loyal imho though).
  6. Listen, I am constantly at the devs throats and I know I have ticked off a few of them in the past. Like really ticked them off.

    But, honestly, it’s up to the players to create clan loyalty and incentives, not the developers.

    OSW is the mechanical answer. Those wars still exist even though they are not fought the same way as old, and they never will be unless the devs take us back down to highlands only again and stacked allies.
  7. Before i edite'd my post i did statw that both wars and the current clan is a result of the playerbase and has been since osf's were a thing. Going from osf to pwar to eb the entiee time being misused. But that still doesnt mean theres no issue.
    1K event items per 50 actions is still 1k event items per 500.

    I am not am eb fairy dont even go there.

    That other thread made is a good idea imho. I may ask this to be closed and move discussion there.
  8. Never called you an eb fairy and I have no damn clue where that rant came out of. I’m just saying incentives are on the clan. Not the devs.

    You can be mad that I disagree, I just don’t care one way or another. Though, I do disagree and I stated why. Others will feel like me, others like you. Still won’t matter unless the Devs care. And this is the same developers that keep the scam ad link up for “free” nobs. They just don’t care.”
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