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  1. I've actually done the math. Your income rate is independent of the rate of EB completion.

    The only way it would be true would be if the same person got to solo item phases every time.
  2. :lol:
  3. Think you remember the vacuum part wrong Hung lmao
  4. It will not matter much, but there should be an increase in gold. But still, let me think of ways to interpretate the statement.

    Faster eb = bigger builds hitting it. Bigger builds will generate more plunder.

    Faster eb -> more event items per unit time -> higher tier reward -> more silver bars -> Gold to upgrade -> plunder increases.

    Faster eb -> HTE -> More plunder

    Faster eb -> more xtals -> more gold per unit time.
  5. Actually, you're completely wrong, no matter how you slice it.

    But I didn't intend to come here to start a debate about EB speed, so I'll just leave.

    I just wanted to wish you guys happy 6th and congratulate you for being able to stick together for so long. It really shows you guys have a solid group with strong teamwork.

    Good job!
  6. We have an eye witness!

  8. OMG.... remove that.... that... thing.
    Scares me.... :D
  10. Emptying a cereal box with a vacuum causes many arguments, how big is the cereal box, volume and weight of cereal inside, what type of cereal,what type of vacuum, suction power of said vacuum - capacity of vacuum rubbish receptacle - has the cereal been drenched in milk - is the vacuumer sober when operating said vacuum.
  11. The background music also influences the vacuum speed
  12. Many many questions to ponder over, debate, disagree then get drunk, fight and throw up about. Something for everyone to consider.
  13. The operator was definitely sober! Also you can't blame the science even if the operator had drank a bottle of whiskey! Maybe the vacuum was interested in testing its limits and commanded the operator to do such a vile thing!

    I WAS NOT DRUNK!!!"2

  14. Try wearing this, hung!
  15. That's my cat burglar outfit, Freddie.
  16. Do you think wearing it will make significant differences in the cereal experiment? My hypothesis is that the cereal will attempt to break free from the vacuum, resulting in a lower total force in the direction of the vacuum tube.
  17. Thanks for the support!

    BTW, what do you call cheese that isn't yours?

    Nacho Cheese!
  18. Bump and happy birthday greetings
  19. Remember when allied to modern Republic and that system war we had, congrats on 6 years