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  1. INC.

    Today is INC.'s 6th birthday!!!!!

    Once upon a time, give or take six years ago, there were two brave men, who wanted something. After a furious discussion on what they wanted, they decided to start a clan in Kingdoms at War. After yet another beer festival, uhm, meeting*, they finally agreed with each other. Their clan shall be called Inglorious Noobz Circus. But since both were too wasted to write down their genius name, it was named INC.

    So far a historical account of INC. because i cannot recall anything else. I am sure there is plenty to tell though, but alas.

    Of course INC. would not have been as awesome and great as it is now without me. And a few others with minor importance.


    Our always drinking, sausage loving, yet extremely hot Warlord.


    Who else but a psychopath would skin a furbie and draw bloodthirsty eyes on it??

    Princess Clara

    She is by far the most innocent member of INC. and also has the hottest legs of KaW!


    He is a true fan of the city of Amsterdam! He dreams of living in this beautiful city and spend the rest of his life there



    Our apple loving, pot lurking, caterpillar friend! with a cute french accent :’)




    And yes, this is quite a boring thread! If it is really boring i might add some jokes and fun facts concerning maths :ugeek:
  2. Will there be jokes about spelling?
  3. Nice thread! But a lot of BB Code fails
  4. Congrats INC.
  5. Nice thread farr
  6. Congratulations! Happy birthday to your clan.
  7. Hahahaha... very funny Freddie...
    Although your description of me is completely wrong, the rest is spot on! LOL

  8. Sounds about right to me..
  9. Who is inc, never heard of him lol
  10. 6 years old today . Love you all incsters old and new ....even Freddie
  11. I'll arrange the birthday cake...


    Happy 6th Birthday Inc.
  12. Happy birthday to us!
  13. Woohoo... cake!!!
    Erika Eleniak is so freaking hot!
  14. Ummm. Happy Birthday...I guess..
  15. Gratz Incsters ?
  16. Happy birthday.

    I can't help but point out an error on your clan page: faster EBs does not equal more plunder.

    And what happened to rule #5? :shock:

    But congrats on holding your clan together for so long. I know it's hard. Mucho kudos to INC for hitting the 6-year mark! 

  17. Actually... For an eb clan doing ebs with item stages it does.
  18. Rule #5 is too obvious, it is not worth mentioning as it would only waste space.
  19. Also I once vacuumed whole box of cereal just to see how fast it would disappear. We had an argument about it in the CC that first got heated, then violent and then we all made passionate love. Though I was very very drunk, so I might remember some parts of it slightly wrong.