Inactive farm post

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by immabe2, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. Post here If u know an inactive player's username. Put the username and def power. Thx, and I hope this is useful 4 everyone.
  2. Im conpletely inactive!
  3. Powerranger

    67k defense
  4. Immabe and majesty r great inactive farms
  5. Really. Lol
  6. Don't farm me farm powerranger
  7. immabemajestyninja-assassin
    r th best farms
  8. I'm so inactive... I'm on the forums!! Lol 
  9. Immmmmm ACTIVE!
  11. Yarmes is also a grrrreeeaat inactive farm
  12. We need more inactive posts
  13. We need more posts!!!!!
  14. Y would ppl put inactives on the forums? If more ppl know about them, they'll always be pinned.
  15. Lol I am honest I pay well
  16. 777lucky is also awsome inactive farm
  17. When farming Inactive players was a thing
  18. Yarmes-TS is my preferred INACTIVE FARM.

    WARNING: Sometimes bites back
  19. As long as he usually bites the front though, that’s ok, right?
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