Inactive crest plates

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  1. I have an idea to make use of obsolete land crests.
    100 lowland gives 10 highland
    250 highland gives 10 hoarfrost
    500 hoarfrost gives 10 abyss
    1k abyss gives 10 osmon rai
    2.5k osmon rai gives 10 deepmime
    This may be achieved either by transmuting or via an in game trade sub routine.
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  2. Osman is skyland
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  3. Tokens are never obsolete- they can be used to change build or used to gain gold by selling buildings + rebuilding etc. However- I would support an exchange between tokens but the exchange rate would have to be pretty bad. This event allows us to buy them with the event items so it's not too unlikely.
  4. I have a calculator that very accurately outputs a value to each plate if you were to farm them. Currently this is obtained by building to the most effective level in each land and selling that building and repeating the process until you’ve burned your excess plates. Though the value I have found and assigned doesn’t take into account fully the cost gained and lost from selling/rebuying etc, with a little tweaking it would be easy to find such value. The raw maximum value for each plate that the devs have inadvertently assigned is:

    Lowlands - $44,333,333 per plate
    Highlands - $325,000,000 per plate
    Hoarfrost - $1,000,000,000 per plate
    Abyss - $1,600,000,000 per plate
    Osmon Rai - $6,000,000,000 per plate
    Deepmine - $132,000,000,000 per plate

    Again, these are raw numbers and by no means constitute the actual value per plate (in the current farming system you would require 7,145 Osmon Rai plates to offset all costs of selling and buying back the building you’re farming), but it’s a starting point to work from.
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  5. Devs won’t change anything on this. Already been some ideas to deal with them but......who knows
  6. Great Idea that ATA will never adopt. I have many unused lower land crest plates that I’m never going to use. Would love to be able to trade them in for something.
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  7. What a rip off! Interesting breakdown