"In war, don't buy my allies!"

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by Jayde, Jun 8, 2012.

  1. HOW in the hell is 2bill a lot for you... With those stats you should be able to make that in 1 EB
  2. Because not everybody does EB's nonstop

    Herp derp
  3. I would agree with you, but look at his clan history. Ambush, 4 minutes ago. He made nearly 2.5 bil. I proved my point ;)
  4. There is nothing wrong with making ppl not buy your allies as long as you are badass enuf to make them pay for it :twisted:

    But if a weak noob says "i'm in a war,dont buy my allies" to a tougher guy. Now thats serious BS.
  5. Good thread.

    Yes I HATE wall posts whining especially about ally hiring. Also about BL hits. No better way of painting a bright big target on your back in my opinion!!

    And the pervie stuff. I've got a 9 yr old and there's no way she's going on any games like this!!

    (obviously I was a child bride)

  6. IBB, anything over 1 bil is a decent amount of money.

    I love to farm, I'm not new to this game. When someone I obviously can't beat chooses me as their target, I turtle up and bank in ADP.
  7. How about when my alt gets too expensive for me to keep buying back and I reset it on the new owner? Is that bad? :p
  8. Blerg, that's called trolling and it's quite good. Hell, I'd even go so far to call it great.
  9. I think we have two different definitions of "troll"...

    *looks at jimofdeath*
  10. As a new player, this is gold.. read it, understand it. So true!!! Glad u posted this ty :)
  11. Bump for Kemil to read (and his wife who is named after him, who he owns). See page 1, edited portion.

  12. When they do that, it's a good chance they'll buy them back, right?

    I love that!
  13. Such a true thread! I never adjust my banner when in war, no one ever reads them, I myself never check owners when buying allies so I don't expect others to check mine. Too many whiners play KaW, suck it up!
  14. If someone wants an example of that last part, take Cella and Redstar for example... Not that anyone has the money or the bother to hire him. ๎˜ He used to be #1, the best, the feared, the ultimate weapon. But now it looks like he's just chillaxing! Which is the way everyone should be when playing this game!

    I'm currently typing this message 10 thousand feet above the ground on my way to the UK! 'Chillaxing people... Chillaxing.
  15. :shock:

    I support that...
  16. @Tiger, this isn't sticky material.

    It is, however, Best Of material.
  17. Haha I remember this thread... Good times๎Š
  18. Lol this forum is hillarious