In Search of Treasure... Dragon Chestplate

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jun 6, 2014.

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  1. Yeah just what the sealers need increased plunder on the treasure armor. I really wish devs would've made this event more fair for everyone. What they should have done is just made another bloodless eb and put dragon armor in that instead of this crap. The valley armor and smog armor most likely will be useless. Only people that will benefit from this event is the top 5k once again leaving the rest of kaw out in the cold like always.
  2. Lol it's called competition. Quit with your noob tears.

    5,000 people is a huge amount.
  3. Wow.. Against 5,000 ppl? Not even worth a competition 
  4. Too easy to be in the top 5,000 
  5. How about letting making the image viewable to thw poor souls who only see :image:
  6. How have you not seen the chest plate its on page 8
  7. The Hunt is over finally
  8. When ate the going to disperse of our rewards
  9. When they get to it. Stop asking
  10. So r u planing on telling us the stats on thing or not?
  11. The stats won't be revealed until the equipment is given. Just wait the 48 hours and see.
  12. Are u kidding me kaw community??? U can't respond to thread on new changes u made or others things but yet u still coming out with new things to distract us from fixing the real problems......C'mon devs.......
  13. I got em all but how i post ?
  14. Devs at least make the stats on the smog armor a little better then the Exo armor. So the event would be worth it for people that can't afford to seal day and night. If not I don't even want the smog armor don't waist the megabytes on my account.

  15. Had absolutely no idea that had been on my thread. :lol: Cool!!
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