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  1. how many of you lose count when trading I know I have how about a calculator when trading it's good to see there's one after u send trade but is there anyway of doing one when trading
  2. Support , need a calculator when doing the trade, showing the mcs as u select the charms up .
  3. Agree and support! :)
  4. Great idea, takes ages trying to work it all out.
  5. They have done this on android .. don't know about iPhones ..

    Androids you can see canculatsion
  6. Friend, is this a drug?
  7. I have android, and you can not see calculations while adding items to your trading que, only after you hit trade does it show you the total of items trading. What she is refering to is it showing you the calculations during the time your selecting the trade items as having to go between calculator and trade box can be a pain so would be very helping in the trading process!

    Even if it showed a total like it does for your allies (atk troops/atk def/spy troops/spy defense) you could just add those together and not have to go back and forth from kaw app and calculator, which sometimes you end up losing all in que and thats a real pain to have to start all over!

    You can obviously do dummy trades with alt or another person but then thats still extra work, especially when your going through picking out specific items to get to the cs your trying to come up with!

    Anyways, its a great suggestion that I hope developers will consider implementing!
  8. Support gets difficult trying to count while trading would be a great help
  9. Only way to mitigate wasted effort is to sort it charms strongest up top run testing trades then scroll up to keep track of what you choose for the test can get u in the ball park then dial in
  10. This entire trading system is junk and broken. I do appreciate the devs adding a calculator for the person receiving the charms,but they should have done it properly so both sides can have a running tab on charm counts. I would do the following to help out this new segment of the game:
    1) add an instant calculator for charms so the individual posting can get instant feedback on values
    2) create a charms/furniture market that people can post their furniture or charms and an auction takes place that people can see what they need an bid on it
    3) upgrade materials should be tradable. Pillows/meat ect. Why not add those to tradable items? I see redwood/blue ingot/yellow sandstone can, add the rest!
    4) People have been asking for a gold drain forever, here is our chance! It would be nice to escalate free or non chests for better rewards. Currently it costs 1k to open the "free" daily chests. How about we create different tiers at different prices? If we could pay 1b or 1T on a chest and get better rewards (say pet/chair/weapons) at 1T other lesser equip at 1b (you get the idea).
    4) on the lines of a gold drain, we need something where you can buy charms or furniture with gold. This would get people motivated to spend, currently you can upgrade or buy allies. This would provide a new avenue to keep BC accounts content and spending or help them assist clan mates. I know many will say they will transfer to alts ect, but keep in mind they are currently doing that anyways with charms and I see several accounts buying allies for charms. This exposes people to risk since it is done outside of the "trade" system. However it does show that there is a market for people wanting to use gold for charms/furniture and I would like the Devs to get ahead of the curve on this one to protect the KAWmmunity. Perhaps a dollar value of gold/charm ratio would help

    Devs, you have a good idea with the trading, it's time to expand on it with an auction system to take the wc ads out, or lessen their need and create an easier way to trade.

    *On a side note which has nothing to do with charms or trading... let's roll out another eb or 2 for top 50 clans. 2 years has passed as seen on other threads and it would go a long way to show your user base that you dont just work on content that involves real $$$. Make a new picture, throw on some more hit points and appease the masses please and thank you
  11. shouldnt this have been implemented with the current KaWculator? *sigh*
  12. Agree and support
  13. Support! KaW should absolutely add a function to tally your charm cs total, to aid weary or otherwise occupied people during trades.
  14. We already have a trade calculator that produces the total CS when you send a trade. :)
  15. It's one that adds charms while trading not after