Improving Legends

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  1. I feel that legends could stand to be examined as a part of longer term progression, perhaps with a focus on challenging and rewarding large, longstanding members of the KaW community, those that may long to feel a sense of greater progression, I propose a new collection tier, perhaps standing at 100K, but I am open to other well thought out ideas.

    The current top tier (minus the leaderboards) is only 40k which is very low considering NK drops over 2K per eb. This causes a lot of the mid and above players to have finished their main legend by the first weekend.

    The new tier would follow the previous tiers involving elements, crux chests etc with an exception to perhaps the silver bars or the equipment. A larger than normal amount of silver bars could be given or even a fancy pretty piece of equipment for bragging rights. The fancy equipment could end up being a reward charm but with increased stats just like a piece of equipment would have.

    These are just some ideas. What would you like to see in a new tier or even in an entire new legend type?
  2. I would like seal can be gifted. Too many love on this game. I’m sure I get a lot of seal gifts
  3. A seal in the new tier?
  4. Support. Some great ideas here. Relatively easy to implement with little to no downside.
  5. A 100k tier is a must, I myself hit 40k just doing Goth LoTL at my home clan with no hopping around in only 4 days
  6. Legends have always sucked ...they aren’t actually anything more than the old hte events with faster rewards drops ....same thing innovation real game changes in years that’s why players continue to leave in droves
  7. That's why we will be coming up with improvements In this thread, to show the devs what we want to see!
  8. I also think that regular boxes (non royals) should have a small chance of dropping on all epic battles.
  9. Another idea. I enjoyed the old series events which had a equipment set which all looked similar so your equipment would look even better!

    A banner at 100k would be cool too. We could get upgrade tokens for existing banners. I'm 90% sure when the old banners which drop from rotwb etc were released it was stated that they would have 15 levels eventually, this could be worked upon perhaps.
  10. I would love to see a PVP Event Where we could get a Banner that gives us a Plunder Bonus.

    I do think that increasing the Legend rewards to 100k could disrupt clan loyalty as many people will jump and slow down ebs.
  11. Yes more like 70k not 100 ppl that spend money for nk will get a bonus for their effort and minimize hopping duration... I think it should give rare pieces of equipment that can be transmuted for event exclusive banner's tokens (random) and maybe keys that give you chests increasing plunder by 3 percent gives an advantage without being op... Perhaps make it where if u collect x 70k pieces (not tradeable) you can receive an equipment like abyss Blade

  12. % based equips can be very OP. An issue with this is that the equip would have to get better over events meaning the % would increase making it very OP in several events time.
  13. Then make it where it's 1 percent it's still a competitive move but not insurmountable, or perhaps make something similar to pinion boots but with a different layout and options but you can only use 1 at a time.(recommended for new items not existing)
  14. No support, higher tiers will just encourage more clan perms to jump ebs more often and ppl will complain there is no clan loyalty in the game.

    You still need to be in a decent speed clan doing lotl and goth to get 40k