Improved pvp rewards = Larger User participation

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by _AresGodOfWar_, Apr 24, 2018.

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  2. There is no difference in hitting an osf or an oaf than there is with hitting an EB.

    The fear of osf and oaf’s has killed every off system update to the point that OSPVP is just crap. People need to just accept that it will happen, make the damn update, and let off system pvpers have fun.

    Systemwars being fought by alts is because it’s been flawed for years so people trophy hunt instead of actually getting into it.

    The real issue is builds are too big to the point that it is actually dumb so no matter what update they make, its not going to work. The PVE aspect of this game killed system wars and off system pvp. Yeah osws and strips still happen but they don’t really hurt.

    KaW is a PVE game. The war was washed out of it the moment they made HTE.

    So people can get over osf‘ and Oaf’s and let the devs update the pvp part of these dumb events already.
  3. Everything the devs implement gets exploited though. Eb events and charm farm trading being the biggest ever. Even if pvp is exploited it won’t be close to the problem of charm farming. And at least it would encourage more of what this game was based on in its heyday....pvp.