Improved pvp rewards = Larger User participation

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  1. Bring back PVP.ξ€Ž
  2. I wish rewards we're increased or better. Not just to give me more incentive to join (I currently join for fun cause bored) but so others will have more too. The lists are shabby up top and the 3 or 4 get tired of only hitting each other so tend not to cast.
  3. I stand by my previous opinion. Either A. Give mith eqip a buff to be better then promo stuff or B. Make them comparable stats WITH a pve/pvp plunder boost 10-15% IF the entire sets won/worn. If they gave PvE plunder, pve players would have incentive. PvP plunder gives old-school warriors something to work twoards & rewards them for their play style. It's a Win/Win incentive.

    Take away charms/bfa & make a war style that relys on buildings/towers. Do different Tiers Ll/Hl/Hf/Abysmal/Osman/Deepmines Different brackets would allow anyone to join without the fear of being jumped by massive players.

    If they put you in a bracket based on your current build, bc players wouldn't be able to tag players half their size.

    Alternatively, establish an option to cast for a set Land War. Ll only,no bfa no charms. Purely equip & Ll buildings.

    While I'm sure this will still be exploited, it's aleast something of a realistic option.

    *Edit* Casting Hl, would allow use of Hl/ll & so on. Players choosing to fight in Osman Class, would have access to Osman-Low land in their build cataglorie.

    Second note, change reward brackets to reflect the tier your casting in. They can not all pay the same. If Ll payed significantly less then Osman. Bigger players wouldn't have the incentive to terrorize Lowland wards purely for easy wins.

    However, smaller players would have incentive to grow to go into higher brackets & win more.
  4. Support! Bring back PVP
  5. big support
  6. 1. Better plunder for PvP
    2. Better rewards than eb chaser

    Because of these factors
    1. Cost of mithril
    2. Cost of pots
  7. Why don't the devs just create bot allies in random price ranges with randomly set upgrade/reset timers to deflate the economy? It seems WAY simpler.

    Make the accounts take action in epics and give them equipment so they look real. It'd really reinforce clan ownership and give me a laugh.

  8. It depends on your personality type. We really need to stop generalizing these concepts so much.

    Why not generate a second server set where only PVP exists, but you can trade your PVP only rewards across the line and nothing else?
  9. Makes sense to me. Back then you wouldn't manage to get the rewards after reaching your goal. You will get it after the event itself. If this were the case for the PvP, maybe even alts will be more active lol.

    It will give players with too many alts a disadvantage though, but it seems to keep the activity in pvps anyway and not just, attack, reach the goal, then leave...
    Devs made a way to help players with that old system too anyway.. Why not implement that in legends? Maybe it will liven up the pvp a little (or more) while we're still discussing for a better, permanent solution..
  10. Support! Will continue to refresh this until Dev say something.
  11. Thank You Winston!
  12. Deepmine crests. Even if it’s just 10 each tier.
  13. It would be nice to have good equipped equipment along with charms I really like to see it happening but I don't think there any more room for this to happen
    We could try that's about it for now.
  14. Almost one month; no improvement yet.
  15. Yeah no Pvp and EE wars are literally dead and theres nothing making them come back. Reasons. Alts in war. Increase the rewards? Increase the alts. Increase the rewards? Increase the farming of charms to make individuals more able to dominate wars, giving more ability to earn more charms/unregulated items (
    The wars already suck and you give seals for top 100. Top 100 requires you to literally war like 1 time per day. It doesnt even matter if you win then majority of them. It pays 3 seals
    Kingdoms and allies are somewhat decent... and then there is the person in your bracket with trillions or even quadrillions in bfa. Balanced?

    Long story short. To make kaw work you have to ban players who pay for this game, as player who pay for this game also exploit this game. Yet because they pay, they stay. And shhhhh. Let's not talk about the real world trading that goes on. Tou is really good for wiping ass.

  16. Spent the weekend opted in with the same 5 guys on my bl! Resorted to hitting small WC guys! Rewards are just not worth the effort of opting in anymore!have said before and will say it again! Our eq and charms should reflect our stautus ! Great eq for war guys! Good eq for PvP guys and okish eq for eb guys! This tier system would make guys want to get the better eq and increase participation seems a fair way to do it
  17. This just results in more charm grinding creating a bigger equipment gap. Youd need to choose between an event path and at that point why not keep the systems we have now.
    Players took pvp out of the games not devs.
  18. I've said this 1000 times over, give Mith equip Comparable stats & a plunder bonus to PvP/PvE upon completion of the set OR make it considerably stronger then the things PvE comes out with