Improved pvp rewards = Larger User participation

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  1. Heres what needs to be done
    -Remove all equipment, silver bars, seals, crystals rewarded from ebs somehow (Except the basic, old eb eq) this means eb events, eb legends, old man of the forest events etc.
    -Remove ALL charms and furnishings (the whole system stinks)
    -Downgrade the amount of plunder NK ZTA and HTE gives
    -Make all other equipment available only through
    A)active pvp
    -In pvp, there already was a successful event. If anyone wants rewards, they have to opt in.
    -Reset the ally market. Harsh, but its a massive amount of gold gone from the game which is necessary.
    -Downgrade stats and plunder to pre-abyss levels
    -Downgrade stats of newer war equipment to match old seasons equipment.
    -Reimplement random and advantage wars
    -Increase plunder gain when attacking and stealing other players.
  2. This would completely kill the game. A HUGE number of players would quit. You would no longer have a game to pvp in.
  3. Noob ...T-4 Guilds and “Clans” moving off forums and third party apps killed KaW. The body just doesn’t know the heart stopped.
  4. Why? Who would quit? The obnoxious spenders who just hit zta/nk anyway?
  5. You mean the people who spend money and help keep the game alive? Like it or not, we need them. Without producing revenue, games die. I'm not sure going back to a nearly-pure pvp style is sustainable given the playstyle of the majority of spenders.
  6. Except they dont. Yes, they provide money. But they killed the game. Long term, they make ATA lose money. If they werent here, others would be, and alternative methods of producing revenue would be available.
  7. Let's look at some legit facts shall we?

    Fact #1 Ebs are a nessacary evil, Proof?
    Simple: Without them player growth would halt & player base would deminish. This was the purpose of putting them in place way back when.

    Fact #2 Hte/Zta/Nk do fund Kaw,Proof
    Hte was a temp eb, popularity & demand alone made it stick. Zta is now everyday & Nk is every weekend. If the game would live without them, ebs in general wouldn't exist. Player growth would be minimal to non existent & large players would dominate anyone they choose.
  8. Let's break this down.
    1. I agree, ebs need to exist. However, they should provide only gold. I didnt say remove ebs, I said remove equipment and silver bars rewarded from eb EVENTS.
    This way you would have 3 sources of income: PvP (Increase payout heavily), EE (Silver bars from events) or ebs (Reduce payout to match the other 2)
    2. I agree HTE ZTA and NK are needed.. for now. However, the payout from them has to be drastically reduced to slow down the hyperinflation that this game's economy suffers from. Large players would dominate anyone they choose? Look around you. Thats literally kaw right now.
  9. Unfortunately this will never happen as they don't make enough money from it. Not a bad idea tho would be nice for it to happen but it never will :)
  10. Pvp rewards are pretty shocking. Wouldn’t encourage you to participate at all.
  11. Theres no reason pvp players wont spend more, if there was something they wanted to spend money on. 25-29 mans wars where common once, and there would 7-10 wars going at once. Because they were clan based, almost everyone xstalled. Thats a lot of xstal sales. Im pretty sure they could double that price, 2 dollars for war xstal, if they spent some time fixing the war system. It just easier to cut and paste eb events.
  12. I completely agree with this statement. Great way to raise revenue for the game on the pvp side of it.
  13. Indeed. People always forget ebs isnt the only possibility to get revenue.
  14. Others tend to forget, if PvP was a real option or efficient. Devs would have never introduced ebs in the first place
  15. Im not sure. I think ebs are still necessary for the part of kaw that never did play for pvp.
  16. They were introduced, solely because pure PvP kills any new player base. Large players wreck smaller ones & they can't grow.
  17. Tl;dr

    People will just want more people to open up as ps or pa to get the same rewards.

    It's a waste. Nothing more to be said
  18. Very true. You'd be demoralized to have your noob account lose the 50b it worked hard on to get back in the day