Improved pvp rewards = Larger User participation

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  1. Wanted to create a post regarding the current rewards issued during pvp events and what may be done to increase player participation.

    In most cases The reason the majority of players no longer choose to participate in pvp events, is because the rewards are simply not worth their time. If rewards were improved for the pvp aspect of the events, then i strongly believe player participation would increase as well.

    Some general reward ideas:

    •Equipment with stats that are equal to or greater than regular eb event reward equipment.
    •Silver bar payouts.
    •Chance at earning rare furnishings earned exclusively through pvp events.

    (Will update this thread and add to pvp reward ideas list from comments.)

    What are your thoughts and opinions?

    Let’s put the “war” back into kingdoms at WAR again!
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    Honestly, this isn't a bad idea at all.

    Suggestion I've pushed hard for is adding a % based plunder bonus for PvP/PvE actions to mith equip. Aswell as raising their stats to be comparable to legends equip
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    Thank you! That is a really great idea, would be super cool to see it implemented.
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    How bout we just make hitting other people better than hitting ebs, or increase plunder from pvp for one event or something like tha
  7. That’s not a bad idea either Sizzlebeef
  8. While I agree with the ideas to better reward pvpers, pvp has gone down the route as wars have. Ff wars reign and peeps just opt in alts to hit until they get the amount of crowns they want.
    If they somehow rewarded those who actually pvp'd rather than those who find an osf or oaf to hit for 3 days straight I'm all for it.
  9. SUPPORTTTTT...!!!!
  10. This mentality ruin the game "what if". Why not fixed the true problem of the game are those who uses so many alts and uses autoclickers. Nobody bother to fixed them because most players kisses ass on them because they control lowland wars. They are from the same group of players. Every time you send support the issue. Support will answer that the issue are in there server so they don't have to deal with the issue. For those players have SS of how fast this autoclickers. Instead of sending them to support. Send them to Apple or google so one day you have evidence about this issue being ignored by ATA. Good luck in wars
  11. Mustang ur just bad at war honestly.
  12. Support, top 100 war should have equipment just like PvE
  13. All events are just stupid with reward values. PvP weekends are not truly PvP they are organized OSF/OAF Events from large clans (even small ones or people hitting alts).

    Blowhards claim Top 100 PVP but that just a means they tap tap tap on someone who is open.

    Until ATA can track and provide diminished return for repeated hits on same target without target doing equal return it will be skewed towards people exploiting human EB targets.

    A simple payout involving number of incoming attacks to number of outgoing would be a start.
  14. Who cares? You're doing the same thing with ebs and getting massive rewards for it. Thats no effort. Could argue even hitting osf/oaf takes a lot more effort than tapping tapping on ebs all your life it certainly takes more taps.

    Not directed at just you it's directed at everyone that hits ebs even me takes no effort at all for massive rewards.
  15. When someone half my size hits me when I do pvp, no way am I wasting my units returning hits for 10 pennants at best per hit.

  16. Yea, news flash- Kaw doesnt require much effort these days. Sadly, your right though, I dont much care. EE and pvp just have so much wasted potential, I see why some just cant let it go.
  17. I say make PVP leaderboard visible and also make amount of items taken based off how many items the person being attacked has.

    The first PvP event was amazing when all of KaW was thrust into it and items were not only fought for but fought to maintain. The problem with new events is it's now just a farm the OSF/OAF and not a fight the active player and sit on their assets all day.

    To not make half of KaW cry keep it Opt In only. To make it better make rewards based on hitting someone with higher rewards yields a higher net return. Likewise make the LB for it visible so it becomes a hit list and is constantly changing. Make PvP weekends a dog fight again.
  18. Love this idea!
  19. PVP is easy to fixed. Just have to put a random hits with equal stats every hour. This way OSF and OAF out the picture
  20. Still easy to game that system but for PvP events a simple number of hits player takes divided by the number of hits given will require spreading hits across the BL.

    A previous poster mentioned hit range and payout issues, those have been around for as long as KaW has had two players. But if the drops are based on hits in/hits out size we ny matter. Gold yes but items no.