IMPORTANT: Ally Reset Percentage Reset Return Rate Changing

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  1. We are changing the the amount of gold you receive when a player is dropped or has reset themselves. The refund amount will be based on the number of days you have owned the player.

    To get the same refund amount of 60 percent, you have to have held the ally for at least 15 days. If you have held an ally for 0 days you will receive 4.5% of the maximum refund amount. (60%) This scales up to the maximum refund amount over 15 days. Beyond 15 days it does not surpass 60% and is capped at that percentage rate.

    This will become effective 12:00 am PST, June 1st.  For preparation for this change, between 11:00 pm -> 11:59 pm PST on May 31st, we will disable ally drops and issue a message indicating the rate change.

    We will allow feedback for this change however please keep this discussion civil, a reminder that we can action against you should you violate our Rules of Conduct. We will also give you reasons why this change is necessary once we have heard more feedback.
  2. This change is now live.

    We are dedicated in ensuring the fair game play for everyone and many players may not realize why this change was made. We have a few more points to add to explain further.

    -Many players were concerned about having players reset on them when ally trading at smaller ranges. We realize that the reset bonuses are no longer rewarding and easily accomplished for what was supposed to be a difficult task. So we have taken this time as the opportunity to end reset bonuses and give everyone a chance for equal footing. This will also stop players from resetting to acquire reset bonuses because there is no longer an incentive to do so.

    -The other concern was that this is essentially killing off system wars. This is not our intention at all. If anything we have evened the playing field. Players cannot spend an exorbitant amount of real money to acquire trillions of gold to volley to their main accounts or fund strips. This is a big problem as well because they are essentially bypassing the purchasing limit. We will however have an idea in the works that will still add to the strategy of off system wars by maybe introducing some anonymity.

    -Also finally, we would never involuntarily remove a player from the game that would cause you to lose less then the default 60 percent.
  3. Won't that effect osw banks?
  4. Cool good idea Kaw_Admin
  5.  *lurks* 

    This is gonna change a lot of things in kaw.
  6. And kill drop volleying
  7. Drop volleying, osw banks as stated above, and those allies that reset for bonuses.
  8. Devs, I thought you liked Osws. You just killed them by making them much to complicated
  9. Wait do on drop volleys between Alts you will now loose 95%
  10. U can still transfer a lot of gold to alt but u won't get much back from dropping ally with main unless u wait 15 days 
  11. Not to mention if I buy a ally then tomorrow he resets I loose over 90% this is some ******* bull ****.
  12. Why are you guys changing it? What's the point? This only make us lose.
  13. Definitely staying away from resetters when this goes into effect.