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  1. Wenn lb will be updated;)
  2. I never understand why you guys bother to post lbs. you always screw the people over that're using it as a gauge by gapping out. During the event. Right at the end. y'all don't care where you slack. it's irritating not like you have to run extra code every time you pull the numbers to update ONCE a flipping day.
  3. Please find it in your heart to use proper punctuation. Reading that was like driving down a road that had a stop sign every 7 feet, then having to back up and double check you didn't pass the house your looking for.
  4. I sure would love a update . Hard to know where we sit without it ... Can a def let us know what date ya update it ?
  5. His name marks his personality.
  6. Loads of 12 year old copying people text...........grow ur own writeing..very sad people these days
  7. My brain just witnessed the most brain numbing paragraph.
  8. Grow your own writing?

  9. Ok, i'm going to plant a writing seed…
  10. Well spoken by a 12 year olds only superior, a 13 year old.

  11. It's the academic version of the trademarked Grow Your Own *****, or GYOP for short
  12. Where's updated list???
  13. Update will come out in an hour and 15mins or later.
  14. 20 minutes and nobody has whined... What's going on? Where is everybody?

  15. *whines*
  17. Inserting crying here ---> 
  18. There are too many whiners here
  20. Hey, where did my emoji go???