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Discussion in 'Past Events' started by [ATA]Grant, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. I do pvp and am tickling top 100.

    I won't know till update, but have 1,935 ... no xtals
  2. A open Sword and Pays 8 favors nom nom

  3. This guy :) I hit trolls alts as they are opted into pvp event. Now he has 7 accounts on me when ever I'm open lol, this is the guy who is also in a osw hitting me instead of hes targets. Not exactly the kind of guy u want backing you in a osw. All he's accounts are hansels what would u expect don't make it so easy. I'm suprised he's banner doesn't say in osw dont hit me or ill rage. Anyway he's a sleep in 5-6 hours if anyone's interested. Thanks for getting me on favours Lb with ur juicey hansels troll :)
  4. I heard dropping builds kicks ass int his event, should I?
  5. Go for it, I'm sure you will pay good
  6. Eh, even if I did, I would have to spend all that time building back up, **** that.
  7. Hit the guy on my wall too
  8. Farr come out of dtw brah /).(\
    When ever I try you I can't hit 0o
    Says defender is too nooby to receive the hits.
  9. Coming from the guy who only hits from pin using spies? Wolfie if ure gunna hit like a ***** and hide in pin then dont talk tough on forums......
  10. Since noob is too stupid to understand. I've known that queen loving noob known as Farr for well over a year now. That is playful banter between me and him.

    Now if you be so kind, remove your butthurt from forums. It's not a good image for you.
  11. You understand that for me to be butthurt, as you so eliquently put it. This would require me to care about your cowardly style of PVPing or Farming, whichever you want to call it.

    However what I was merely doing is stating the fact that while you talk big on forums, either to a friend or not. You still fight like a *****! And while i agree im still pretty much a noob on the PVP side (some of us do have RL listed as a priority above KAW) i can still notice cowardly tactics when i see them. So have fun and try growing a pair :)
  12. This so out of date my friend (#3) is 8,400 and #1 is near 10k
  13. All I see from you is complaining that I'm using a more effective pvp tactic than you and you can not compete against it.

    If you didn't want me hitting all the time then you would have built towers got pots and oh lets not forget about banking. Half the time I hit you. You are zeroed with gold out...

    Let's look at facts here.

    •You call me what ever that ***** means
    •You complaining that I'm always dtw
    •You complaining that I'm exploiting your weakness
    •You called me out for having banter with a friend

    Smell like butthurt to me
    *insert pedo moon face*
  14. Sweet so I may be top 100 after all.
  15. And another one bites the dust
  16. 10k ? :eek: this just gets better and better ~
  17. Dude... If your going to use sophisticated words, get them right or you just look like a Mong.


    @wolfie, stay in pin bud, gotta keep these blades away from idiots, for they're own protection.
  18. :lol: yes I must collect as much favor I can from him to prevent him from having too much power that one can not control alone :cool: