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  1. Pathetic
  2. The only thing you say is gay. Must be self concious about your sexuality please sort your self out better not get off the game. Your probably a 40 year old screaming paedophile enough said.
  3. I get same. 3/4 no blade. I have used 32 xtals and 5 pleas.

    I have slept for 6 hours total.

    So why am at 8k and you are at 1k?
  4. How many people 1/4th your size are farming you with max BFE/14T BFA that you can't return hits to?

  5. Where there's an exploit, people will exploit it. I don't envy you.
  6. Cuz your statless. Only way u noobs can get top ten
  7. You said earlier 12 is what you get normally with pleas, so basically your normal is 6. Don't say one thing then say another you get found out easily.

    My normal is 2/4 per a hit without sword. Only accounts that pay 9 with sword is 30+ mil cs. And let me tell you, since no one understands, 30mil cs builds aren't taking part and the ones who do have stupid ally stats.

    You have proven you're getting more per a hit than normal builds now hush.
  8. When is next update ?
  9. I've been active since start no blades or pleas and I don't get drops out of 5-7 hits I get 1-4 favor total not per hit. This drop rate is outrageously low.
  10. what he said
  11. Homophobic i'd say lol

  12. 10k bottles won with 8m+ cs, no towers, no bfe, no bfa lol
    why not just stuck at PvE event ? You are not belong to PvP event.
    The reason you opt in to be here is that you gonna be somebody's milk cow
  13. Why is the equip for the top 1000 better than the equip for the top 500? I don't want top 500 now...
  14. I haven't looked, but, if it's like the other rewards,

    There are two sets of equip

    Shoulders for top 1k

    Shoulder for top 500

    Shoulders for top1K are maxed

    Shoulders for top 500 aren't and will pass the other in stats
  15. Yeah. My bad. I realized top 1000 equip is enchanted
  16. Says the drop build that exploits pvp.... So many people complain that pvp doesn't happen this ***** shows way pvp is dieing it's discouraged unless you're a drop build or BC with high equip
  17. Big accounts all hide in huge alliances so they can dominate smaller clans and alliances then cry about smaller players and people who drop builds so they can be competative without the crutch of a clan/alliance backing them up. Just lol
  18. Says the 900 cs exploiting account with high bfe

  19. Says the EB building that he doesn't need to prepare anything but still want good rewards from PvP.
  20. Ive lost a few brain cells trying to read this page