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  1. Clan threads and discussion were outsourced to pal well before 2014. FAQ section has always been supplementary to those who need it but it was never the main attraction for those who spent their time here. I think that the social aspect of the forum is why so many people were drawn to it. Remember when there used to be debate threads that would draw in players from all around KaW? Do you remember how threads like those started getting locked more and more because they were inflammatory or "trolling" or because they had been derailed for only a FEW pages? Now it seems like one off topic post and all hope is lost. I think one of the greatest problems the forum faced is a lack of care by those who are supposed to moderate it. Over enforcement of rules that used to be overlooked discouraged conversation. It's good to see you're still around 

    Thanks for your support

    Hey toast! When there's no one to troll the trolls don't prosper. Also trolling is a violation of the RoC or something last time I checked. Over enforcement of rules that used to be more chill seriously affected the daily users
    *Creating a Disturbance - This includes posts that are intended to troll, flame or bait users in an attempt to provoke them.
  2. OP is encouraging content... so go do it
  3. Wheres the popcorn stand??
  4. Forums have died of over moderation. Very few of the mods are forum users or appreciate the forums for what they used to be so they do not know how to moderate them properly.
  6. The moderators can’t win in forums.
    They’ve never been able to.

    The variety of ideas that are spread here are excellent. The detailed analysis of the game by players keeps the devs on their toes as people work out secrets.

    Conversely, the amount of trash talk, derailment and otherwise toxic environment perpetuated by players leaves moderators no choice to close threads that otherwise could’ve stayed.

    It’s a very fine line.
  7. Mods were fine on forums for years. Mods like moose knew what they were doing with the forums and knew how to interpret the ToU the right way to keep forums alive and active. Nowadays the mods take what is written way to literally and enforce it to an extent that kills forums. Troll threads, osw arguing and this stuff mods call "spam" has been important and popular on forums for years. Old mods used to contribute in these threads rather than lock them
  8. I remember when forum mods were a thing. I also remember that forums were thriving then.

    Wonder what changed...

  9. Well let’s think about that.....when the forum mods retired did the devs appoint new ones ?

    I’m gonna watch this thread for a bit and see how this plays out.

    Sup arkst.
  10. I hate to agree! But I’ve just got back into this game and it’s gone down hill fast! It’s like Nazi Germany.... Every Moder bans or silence someone who speaks out against them! They get defensive when someone speaks the truth! I’m just being honest.
  11. Modernization is illegal (First Amendment) but we all know that ATA is based in California and thus does bot believe in the Constitution
  12. It’s funny because I’ve seen Moders say things that could be considered “ bad language “ but not get silenced. One time i literally said “ selling my body for 1 Billion CS and got silenced. It’s a joke. Calm down little hitlers