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  1. It's clear that any and all conversation is not given the chance to prosper... Which is incredibly toxic. I'm one of the largest members of this forum with greater than 14,000 posts and I can't even create a thread without it being locked. This thread is about how the developers and mods destroyed the forums
  2. I agree that forums aren’t as active as they were when I first started KaW, but I think that had to do with the player base, not the moderators or the devs
  3. Hedwig that just can't be true. Perhaps you aren't aware but when the developers would announce events the most popular threads at the time (usually by ashesofeden) were graveyarded. This happened multiple times to different players including me
  4. Your last post was literally spam. I hate over moderation too but we have to draw a line somewhere...

    Having lots of posts shows you have a lot of history with the forums yes but it doesn't give you a pass to post spam.
  5. Kezzer I've seen you immoderate the forums so please don't be so dismissive

    *Rather than let a thread take its course by dying off or changing topics you'd rather discourage conversation by locking it

    ** It's pretty obvious that a large majority of your posts come from locking threads or announcements rather than actually participating in the community

    *** I remember you from years ago when you were immoderating the forums then too. I believe I made a comment on your wall and you were dismissive then as you are now

    **** More than anything your role should be to answer questions and delete innapropriate content. All else is already moderated by those who use the forum as has been done in the past
  6. You've also just come back from being inactive for ages so you have very little knowledge of what I am like on the forums. Also to claim most of my posts are from locking threads is speculation at best and a lie at worst. I'm fine with letting a topic run its course but like I said your last post was literal spam.
  7. I like many other forumers quit this game years ago because the socializing aspect that I'd enjoyed had been slowly getting killed. A lot of the really active forumers barely played the game and instead spent their time here. Sure, many players left with the rest of the player base but that's not the reason the forum is inactive
  8. Ive returned many times to see if anything has changed and whether I recognize anyone from when I still used to play. Being inactive for "ages" isn't an excuse when I was definitely around when you were starting out as a mod. It doesn't look like your lock preferences have changed. My claim is a speculation at worst because I've seen how many posts moderators get from simply being present. There have been mods who have only ever come on to lock threads so please don't take this personally. As for the last thread... I wouldn't consider it spam given that world chat is exceptionally full of ads and meaningless hellos. My thread wasn't even given a chance for someone else to comment on it and that's part of the problem. Each thread doesn't have to be informational about the newest update. My thread started with me saying I wanted to create content. I posted a photo of something in KaW that a lot of players don't know about, and then I criticized locking. Those are definitely other KaW discussions

    * My reasons for mentions the immoderation is because I saw a recent thread that you locked because it was talking about a new castle upgrade. Why did you lock that discussion? Rather than have more ideas thrown out or get community feedback you shut it down
  9. Just FYI I didn't lock that thread. I was last post but I didn't lock it. No idea who did and if you look I actually engaged with the thread. I always let someone know why a thread was locked which was not the case there.
  10. A quick search shows you locking a thread for "lack of content" when it's pretty clear the op is bypassing and the thread should be removed from active topics. Locking for lack of content isn't your reason, it's your default

    *The thread is called pro tips look it up
  11. It was one of multiple reasons it was locked. Have you considered that maybe I was in a rush or maybe I just didn't click on the bypass? Dude you're just looking for issues because you were wrong trying to call me out because your last thread got locked. Also fyi protesting moderation is against ToU too but look at how I didn't shut you down because I want to encourage discussion. You can't find examples of me abusing my moderation to panicked and went "I'm so smart look he locked something that had a bypass"

  12. Do you ever think to yourself, "Yeah, I'm kinda of a scummy person for being a mod." Or do you really just enjoy that iota of power so much that you can live with the delusion that you aren't a piece of crap?
  13. I give your trolling attempt a 5/10
  14. I'll figure it's the 2nd one. Congrats on peaking in life by being a moderator in a F2P, 8+ year old tap game.
  15. They may have made it worse at times but the death of forums is more about how everything forums was originally used for was outsourced elsewhere - clan threads to pal/line and CC, a beefed up FAQ section, Hell even EB guides can be obtained without forums. Less reason for people to visit meant less chance of them engaging in random other threads. Also WB arkst
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  18. Arkst right. It was Content. He knows what he is doing.

    Me Supports :?
  19. I could of spent 2 minutes and made a better thread than your last one.
  20. Arkst!!!!!!

    Forum troll quality the past few years has gone way down too. No good professional trolls anymore at all, and barely any very recently.