im bck ppl

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  1. This is real pinch urself it will hurt this is real I'm bck go go megaforce.
  2. Who dat? Who dat?
  3. I believe I missed something... Who are you?
  4. Megankz ring a bell anyone
  5. I'm meganky from kaw
  6. I remember u ur the one who writes crappy threads 
  7. I wish you get permanently banned next time. You make crappy threads and apparently so is this one.
  8. Oh yes, you, you're quite hilarious ya li'l troll.
  9. welcome back
  10. Thanks for coming back.
  11. (Not a good thing Avatar!!)
  12. Op told me to harm myself
  13. Someone find that Sponge Bob meme.
  14. You do remember what Megan did right Avatar?
  15. Hero & Inferno were the ones to handle Megan last time. Don't think Avatar knows.
  16. Sorry, I tried to be sarcastic. Guess it's not my thing over the internet
  17. Beer is never sarcastic, my friend.
  18. [sarcasm] We're so glad to see you [/sarcasm] :roll:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.