I'm allowed to rob you

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  1. I'm seeing a pattern here, why am I the only one showing *case law and *United States Codes?

    Most likely because in every other thread, every time you used a law or case, it turns out it says exactly the opposite of what you claim it said. After a while, it just isn't worth it to take the time to do the full research just debunk you - again.
  2. Pretty sure what you meant to say was that, everytime I show a case or a code it means the opposite of everything you've been told, taught, and raised up to believe since you was a little egg

    If you aren't going to do the homework that is just to bad for you, good luck going thru life without any understanding of the 600 million statutes, codes, regulations, and ordinances along with the 1 billion court cases

    "The highest practice of Law is the law abiding citizen" - Hartford (author of "the right to keep and bear liens")

    I was just like you 4 years ago, people would make crazy claims, and I was just like you I told them they was wrong, I laughed, the difference between you and I
    Is that I set out to prove them wrong, all these years later, not only do I know they were right and I was wrong, but it's even worse than what they said
    I was pretty upset to learn my mommy lied to me about the drivers license, but I forgive, because ignorance is a choice

    You've made that choice by saying "it's not worth it"

    Look at it this way, if suing the county in federal court for $300,000,000 for violating your rights and 2 weeks after you file they try to settle for $35,000,000 without even trying to defend your claim (true story)

    Is that worth it?
  3. I'm a fascist. I think the laws are TOO loose, referencing laws won't have much affect on me. Blood and soil baby.
  4. At least you admit it, I see lots of people are fascists and don't know it

    You might like my thread, called symbols of murica


    It's all about fascism in American society, I believe America became a fascist dictatorship long before world war 2, that is what the evidence is pointing to

    The bundle of sticks on its own is pretty harmless, only representing people united

    Once the axe head is added it becomes a symbol of hate

    Needless to say I do not share your views, but I'm sure you would be quite happy on America, where freedom of expression is recognized and celebrated

    No matter what you believe
  5. You say you set out to prove the crazies wrong. Where did you start. I want to read so I can call bs or nah
  6. Freedom of expression being celebrated in America? lol. it's only welcomed these days if the left agrees with it. If I told people I was a national socialist I'd be beaten up and become a pariah. I can't express my views because of this, freedom of expression is a facade.
  7. Wait, so you want everyone to stop paying taxes, and that other guy wants alcohol to be illegal?

    Huh... so here's what happens when we stop paying taxes... the debt stops moving. This may seem like a good thing. It's not going up. But that's because the entire world realizes we have no way to pay it off. In the end, that's what taxes are for. Or current debt is what, 18t? How many countries is that we owe? Good luck when they all come knocking. Don't have a military anymore because they aren't getting paid, and there's no money for development, so even the few volunteers can't be geared, they would die immediately.

    This isn't speculation. This would happen. Taxes serve a purpose funny enough.

    As for the whole alcohol thing from the other idiot, I believe there's a point in American history we can look at to see how that worked out. But ya know. Smart people. Even x_x doesn't want someone as stupid as you supporting him.
  8. No, I don't want anyone to stop paying taxes, the people who are liable for the taxes already aren't paying taxes

    And the tax code maybe miss applied on people who aren't liable for the tax at all, and violence is used to enforce taxes on the wrong people

    Only people who work for the government have taxable income, income is anything extra you receive above what you agree to be compensated

    And that's for corporations, which are "persons" not people

    The "W" forms are only for gifts and estates

    So most people are already filling out the wrong forms to begin with

    Then there is "Duties," "Imposts," "Excises" and if you really study what these terms meant in 1789 you'll see they aren't being paid either by the parties liable

    There was a documentary years ago called "we're not broke" and it really blows the whistle on major "American" companies that pay zero taxes

    Like bank of America, or lowes, home Depot, and the list goes on and on, and property taxes too require a situs, it's an ad valorem tax, and someone has to file an assessment of the business before it's even supposed to be put on the tax roll, but it's not a business it's a people's house

    The story of mentioned above about the 300 million dollar lawsuit

    Guy didn't pay property tax, county created a fraudulent document to sell the property they didn't own, the guy wouldn't leave, they raid his house, shot his dog, arrested the guy

    Charged him with resisting arrest, assault on an officer, stick him in jail for 6 months while they took his cars, his boat, stole everything he owned inside his house, all for a couple thousand dollars that he was never liable for in the first place

    He studied for two years with a neighbor who saw the whole thing to down and told him about property tax, helped him learn the court process, once he was confident he had learned how to sue they did

    Filed massive lawsuit in federal court, and his house was never supposed to be taxed in the first place, we have a right to live somewhere, that's what homestead was all about, the farm land was taxes because your making money with that part but the part you live in is not taxable

    So the part they live in is called homestead exempt,

    Anyway long story short orange County Florida did not even try to fight back, they tried to settle out of court or they would have to explain to a jury how they are allowed to steal their property to protect their god given rights to own property

    Guy got his house back plus multiple tens of millions of dollars, now he owns several homes and moved back into the old house as a matter of principal and to show everyone in the neighborhood he got his house back

    This is what is happening everyday