I'm allowed to rob you

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  1. The point is you, I, we, everyone can not give a right to someone they, we, I do not already possess

    Some how congress has got the right to use extortion, coercion, and violence

    They've legalized a crime for themselves, and no one else

    We lost the choice to vote with our dollars, if we don't like a business we have that choice not to shop there or buy that product

    Irwin Schiff is dead, not because he was a criminal, but because he was an author

    He wrote a book and was jailed, he ended up with cancer and was refused treatment, tied to a bed, family turned away was unable to visit on his dying days

    He wasn't a criminal, he had one question, can you show the law that creates the obligation on the living man to pay taxes

    If labor is taxable we have slavery

    He offered $50,000 to the first person to find it, thousands of irs agents quit, and still no one has found it

    He purchased billboards, went on TV and radio shows, he was to publicized and that made him a target

    Rest in peace Irwin Schiff

    Now that Irwin is dead, the top target is now Pete hendrickson and his book cracking the code

    The irs targeted him 4 times for his book, all the while they're trying to get conviction on him they continued to give him 100% tax returns

    They know educated returns are legal and he's using the code to the letter to the benefit of millions of Americans who have collectively recieved 2b in refunds

    It's not about him being wrong and cheating the tax system, it's because he's public about it, he's telling everyone and that makes him a target

    He's one of the most dangerous men in the eyes of the private company called internal revenue

  2. They aren't being penalized they are paying their equal share
  3. Seriously dude, wtf is wrong with you?

    You've gone from bad taste to just plain offensive.

    What are you hoping to accomplish? Outside of displaying your own personal war on reason, that is.

  4. The point is you vote for the government you wish to rule you.

    The real point is you haven't stated one single viable alternative option that could be implemented.
    The point remains you are still a confessing idiot that tries to cause problems you have no clue how to fix.
    Go take a pitch fork to the white house. At least then we can all see you getting shot for trying to cause a rebellion on the news.
    If you hate America that much. Leave it. But ffs. Shut the he'll up with your whiny crap all the time.
  5. All I hear is "wahhhhhh I don't like paying my contribution to society"
  6. Australias taxes are among the highest in the world as we pay for a vast majority of benefits like welfare security nets, public healthcare to name a few. I am very happy to pay this contribution to society and so should everyone else, any shirkers should be jailed/fined heavily as they are.
  7. I do not give legal advice, even if I told you what to do to legally not pay anything, you wouldn't believe it, so you are wasting your time harassing me

    Actually I did give the viable alternative option, it's 100% educated return

    You could get back everything, social security, Medicare, state taxes, if you do not have taxable income they have to give you full refund

    I'm not here to do your thinking for you lol

    You are on your own and good luck with that rofl

    EDIT:I like hearing that "uh you don't like it just leave" assuming I haven't already left

    I had a cop come at all pissed off trying to give me J-walking ticket

    I told him I believe statute is legislated rule of society given the force of law
    (color of law)

    Congress shall create no law...

    No one can force me to believe

    And I believe society is a number of people joined by mutual consent to act for a common goal
    (mutual consent)

    He tried to tell me I'm in his society because (at that time) he thought I was "inside" state of Florida

    I told him I was not

    He said well, you're in United States right?

    I said no

    I was standing right in front of him on a different planet, and he had to let me go because I'm not "in" anything, I did not swallow the kool-aid and believe in imaginary lines or any of that stuff that only exists on paper

    He called someone on his cell phone I suspect it was the county attorney who told him to get away from me

    He had no jurisdiction

    He left a whole lot faster than he came at me

    Like all you people he did not want to talk to me, and get on the witness stand while I ask him to prove those imaginary lines exist in the real world

    When you embarrass these people they run

    While I show him actual pictures from space of the planet and ask him to point out that state of Florida he believes exists and what that has to do with me

    No one can force me to be in any society, they can trick you if you just go along with everyone else

    Doing what you're told is the highest virtue in your world not mine,

    I want to see the contract you have on you that gives you the power to rule over my life, it better be signed by God or me

    Asking questions is the only way to get those chains off your mind
  9. Cool story that never happened.
  10. You don't realize belief in the state as a higher power is a religion,

    Even when slavery was legal it was still wrong, no one is exempt from morality, and legislation can't change right and wrong

    Your God is the government

    And any man who puts on a funny hat or a costume says to you "I'm the government"

    You immediately act accordingly as a sub human in submission (there is no equality) they believe they're immune from their own actions

    "I'm just doing my job" or "I'm just following orders"

    It didn't work during the Nuremberg trials...

    "I'm not doing this to you" lol they really believe they are having some out of body experience and someone else is controlling them and they're not responsible for their actions, I call bull crap bull crap

    Doing what your told is the highest virtue, that's what we have been taught since even before we could talk

    If you don't do what your told you're a bad person and that's what they tell everyone, and they actually believe it

    Look at that, 100 people claim they re-present you even if you don't agree, and they'll talk to themselves, write some stuff down, make a few copies,

    Some magical thing happens and you are bound by that but not them, does that sound rediculous to anyone? Lol

    Just because they say "it's for your own good" does not mean it is good for you

    It's just magical words

    If you have no say in making the rules your not a member of that society

    They tell you what is right and wrong as if you don't already know lol, maybe you don't....

    I don't care if you believe my story I was there, all you should realize about it is that you do have a choice between reality and fiction

    In the real world your just like everyone else, in the fictional world that only exists in your mind you're a peon lol

    No one can force their religion on you if you do not agree

    If you tried what I did you'll get your butt kicked and if you try to fight back you'll get in even more trouble they'll put you in a cage

    I got in his face and yelled at him and he backed up and asked me to calm down, it's not because I was yelling at him

    It's because what I said to him

    Even a 5 year old knows "you're not the boss of me"

    By the time we get out of high school, we lost all that and everyone is the boss, everyone clothed in authority of the state, cop, fireman, judge, everyone wearing a $15 costume
  11. Because im a patriot, its my right to ignore arbitrary laws that exist only to raise revenue.
    Like highway tolls. They send me a fine, i send them a letter saying its illigal for the State to impose a tax over a federal tax already imposed on drivers at the petrol pump.

    If you know your law, its entirely possible to do as X_X says.
    But still be careful, it doesn't stop the police from using force to make you comply with their directions.

    Tho to those over zealous officers, just reiterate to them;
    "I dont consent, and if you come any closer to me, i'll take it as a threat and defend myself as such"

    You're not an artificial entity of legal fiction, so don't act like it :)
  12. Harassing. Dear what do you think you make out your so much better ( see dumber ) than everyone else.
    Do youbreally think obsolete laws will stand up in a modern court?
    Do you think you are better than everyone else and don't need tobpay for the services you use.
    Have you been part of the education system? Had your bins emptied ? Had the police respond to crime where you live.
    You are just a tax dodging ass clown that refuses to pay their fare share in life.
    You sponge off others and advocate treason repeatably.
    You hate where you live that much. Get out of the country. I can assure you. No one worth a damn gives a damn about your tax dodging amd calls for civil disobedience.
    You have no respect for authority. For those who serve your nation. And simply you have convinced all of the people that read your posts, that you are a tinfoil hat wearing treachourous add clown slinging from the society they live in.
    I am so happy that you like the image you portray of yourself.
    And if I were religious, I would thank God every day I am nothing like you.
  13. LMAO. And how many clowns that try that end up on the wrong side of the judge. Pretty much all of them.
    And as for those that do the "no consent". Yep. They look fantastic on YouTube just before going to court and looking like an even bigger ass clown to the world at large.
    All the tinfoil hat brigade should start their own nation and never pay taxes. No army, no police, no hospitals, no schools, no roads.
    Would be an ideal camp site. Just don't cry when you need help and no one comes.
    And self defence claim against armed cops. All I can say to that stupidity. It generally is referred to as death by cop. But by all means advocate violence against the police.
  14. Try me I'll kill you
  15. Cognitive dissonance

    In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is consequence of a person's performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values.

    I never advocated violence against the police or anyone, I try to teach them the law but they run away, they have to believe in what they do, if knowing would diminish their apparent authority over others, they just rather not know anything about it

    I never advocate for "treason" (whatever that means)

    I advocate for freedom,

    I don't think I'm better than anyone

    I DO think I'm equal to everyone, even congress, the president, the local cop, the clerk of court, the foreign prosecutor running the whole system

    (Maybe that's what YOU have a problem with)

    I don't put words in your mouth, I expect the same from you

    You keep insisting I'm "using services" then not paying for it

    People want to be public servants no one puts a gun to their heads, they choose that community service, they took an oath to the constitution not me, they wanted to serve me, if they don't like it, QUIT!

    Then they get an attitude that they only deal with scumbags,

    If everyone you talk with us scum there is something wrong with their perception

    If you don't like my threads you can leave...

    That's what you tell me all the time, yet you keep coming here, trying to convince me I'm wrong,

    You think your better than me because you believe that fictions are real, while your authority you respect does not respect you

    And I'm the one with the problem?

    Are you a public servant?

    Do you have evidence that I'm a public servant?

    Do you have evidence that I'm a servant of any kind?

    Them why you are making demands on me, forcing me to labor under threat of arms, and no intention of giving me compensation for my time and labor?

    Give me an order and you get a bill... It's only fair

    I'm a grown man and I do not require protection or representation
  16. I do enjoy reading some of your threads X_X even though I don't agree or have time to look up and research what you're saying to what you believe.

    I only have one request, when you use colors please don't use red, it hurts the eyes

    Edit: Color is much better
  17. Edited that one for khaki, how's that working for ya?

    I'm glad you enjoy it and openly come to share your support for the alternate view

    These guys just hate everything about me because I took the time to ask myself the questions they're afraid of

    If your not part of the "group think" they'll attack you because you're an individual conscience

    I found out everything I was told about life is a lie, and I come to share it with the world on phone app off topic

    And every time I do, someone follows or walls me to say thank you,

    If one person gets something from a different point of view, that's a win

    Makes it all worth the abuse lol
  18. Thanks for explaining why I hate you.
    I had been under the delusion it was because you are a selfish condescending jerk that insults the very people that seek to protect your society.
    That you object to paying the wages of those that educate children, care for the sick and disabled.
    That you speak out about insurrection and betraying the government that leads your nation.
    That you see yourself as being more important than others and entitled to not contribute towards the society that you live in. That you see only personal gain from society not to give back. Unless it suits your desire to cause more people to revolt against government.
    That you seek to divide your nation and be a cause of hate.
    And just because you are an attention seeking waste of space.

    Obviously my option of you is incorrect because you have just told me I am uneducated and scared to seek out new information.

    Of course you know everything about everything and every one though, so your opinion is entirely valid.

    Well in your head anyway.
    The rest of us will just continue to think you are arrogant selfish and obnoxious.

    And that's me being polite.
    Especially these days when our nation's come under attack from terrorists and other lowlife scum. You still seek to cause Dissent.

    If I were being 100% honest.
    With your calls for people to ignore and even revolt against your host nation that you actively choose to live in.
    I would honestly say you are no better than the scum that use bombs and other weapons to cause Dissent.

    If you hate your country that much. Shut the hell up and leave it.
    Not one person forces you to stay there.
    So quit complaining about it. Do something about and leave. Because if you are not loyal to your nation. You have no right living there expecting the armed forces and police you complain about to fight and die for you.

    If one person commits an act of treason or any other crime because you see the world differently and encourage others to do so. Then you have made the world a worse place to live in.

    If you want to make a difference in this world. For once in your life do something positive for your community and nation. Rather than showing utter contempt for it that you delight in.

    Tldr. I hate you because your views disgust me. Not because I am scared to learn anything you ignorant fool.
  19. Well this got derailed fast