im a little tea pot, please stop farming me!!

Discussion in 'Wars' started by -__somebody-__, Mar 17, 2017.


    Good! You're annoying as hell 
  2. Ah volleying to a few hundred bill was pretty harmless in this economy. Shame they were not reset bombs  but still it was chicken feed regardless 
  3. The last two weeks was the first time he grew in two years .... lol congrats i wouldn't drop build 
  4. Ugh It's that fake Blazey..annoying as hell

    I'll drop seals and/or circles for whoever finds me the main of this turd, that I can farm. If it has one that is
  5. This is Lovelypeacemakers alt. NorthernKing is same person.
  6. Really annoying wish the devs would ban this person
  7. Can't ban with no direct ToU violations

  8. Would you be suprised if i was the main?

  9. nope :lol: