"ill pnz u 2 secs flat"

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  1. "ill pnz u 2 secs flat"

    a diet of booze and mcdonalds
    my belly has gotten quite fat
    this enemy he challenges me to a 1v1
    tell him ill pnz him 2 secs flat

    my clan arrive to back me up
    this fool makes a thread calling me whack
    i'll show him not to TEST THE MAN
    i guess we'll just P and Z him 2 secs flat

    my mom calling me for pizza
    the basement stairs are flimsy and crap
    i want my pizza right now i yell
    tell her ill pnz her 2 secs flat

    derail the hate thread in forums
    get trolled by those jerks that talk smack
    i'll drop my build, they'll see
    pnz is the way

    they'll never see it coming...
    the end is not far away

    ill pnz u and ur mom... she eats hay, not even Ashton can rhyme this way, I HAVE nothing more to say

    2 secs flaaaaaaaa-aa-a-t

  2. Delete app
  3. This is exactly what you get in the forums since the mods killed the forums. Ty Michael
  4. Thank you kasama, very cool
  5. weaaaaaaaaaaaak
  6. ???
  7. I love your kaw folk songs
  8. Never thought I'd support a kasama thread.
  9. Much support.
    Such wow.