IG's current stats(for Fox targeting)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by staticpain, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Why would you necro bump this-_-....?
  2. HTSS.

    This is history.

    Expect more over the next few days :lol:

    Unless mods move to Best Of, I have to do this or we'll lose more threads.
  3. ......in that case I understand:3,carry on.
  4. I'm still uber pissed about the QQ Dinner Dance Club thread being lost :x
  5. Wow. This is cool stuff. Deserves Best Of.
  7. So those were the stats of iG back then? Impressive :D
  8. That's true,all of those members probably add up to my stats today.
  9. Sent an email to support, hopefully we get a few moved to Best Of :)
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing this in Best Of. I like it..
  11. Reminds me a little of when I first started...
    Early 2011 :lol:
    I learned from '09 players, and I grew like '09 players did... I didn't LLC for 4 months in a time where it was being achieved in a couple days :lol:
  12. I thought you were way older than me devil...hmmm well interesting
  13. Why ig fighting foxes
  14. This thread is from 2009 :D
  15. Dang Shol digging deep to find them huh?
  16. HTSS:p

    I haven't added a really old thread to that in probably over a year.

    I should go find some :cool:
  17. Yea really. I love reading all the old stuff and learning more about KaW history.
  18. Is it sad that I was playing KaW when this was made?