IG's current stats(for Fox targeting)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by staticpain, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. I wish I played in those days
  2. Good old days compared to **** pwar n ebs now 
  3. IG has way more member then that they're a freakin powerful clan that swats aside anyone who messes with them
  4. Look at the date this was posted dumbass
  5. Forgive him You he has only been active for 90 days.
  6. Lol thats funny!
  7. I remember this. He wanted me off the list for spy bombing him
  8. Protect this thread. You'll NEVER get another like it
  9. Where is the foxes thread
  10. Some mod took it upon themselves to delete the thread that Shol and I kept alive for so long ( This is an angry face to that mod). Fox Hole and Clan of Foxes before that are gone
  11. Woah man, this is like so totally retro.
  12. That really Blows so much Clan history there. I wonder what Noob did that.
  13. Don't know, but our conversation is ruining this thread, so let's leave it for commentary and reminiscence
  14. So old...this makes me feel huge 
  15. Wish I'd been here for this. It was a party that I sadly missed.
  16. Fox targeting?
  17. During the Great War between Fox and IG. This was a report for hundreds of foxes to learn from
  18.  Don't actually target them now. They will slaughter you
  19. HTSS Stagger Bump