IG's current stats(for Fox targeting)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by staticpain, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Static pain is tiny!!! And shows no achievements of being ever big at all
  2. Def best of!
  3. Old school. Awesome 
  4. Haha love the stats.
  5. I got taken back in time. cool lol
  6. Woo go ig. My stats were leet!
  7. lol why bump this?

    still its pretty cool, an old forum alliance of iG members. cool old school kaw thread...
  8. There's a fox version as well
  9. I miss when those stats were considered large. Now we have overpowered 8 mil combined EB noobs dominating... Everything.
  10. Lolz I can farm em all
  11. 2009.. No wonder  I read "All I see is good stats" and I roflmao IRL.
  12. Nvm those r outdated
  13. Nvm those r outdated
  14. Whoops double post darn ipod
  15. Lol. Now look where IG is. They friggin huge! Haha.
  16. This is from 2009