IG's current stats(for Fox targeting)

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by staticpain, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Very nice thread.
  2. Eddy, you know I'm not going to tell you ;-)
  3. Just tell me if your name is there
  4. Mine isn't eddy
  5. Im talking to toby lol
  6. I know, I'm just bored D:
  7. At first I was confused then I was like duh this was from a ling time ago
  8. Oh wow. Memories lol.

  9. This is a rare thread... It was one where legends roamed the forums.... I miss that T.T

  10. Your welcome zaln! I found it
  11. Olddddd schooooollll!
  12. Raj check page 4 lol
  13. This was back when 200k combined made you a boss
  14. I was such a BOSS! Dang...I loved these times.
  15. Well they're gone forever
  16. Jeez, kaw back in it's glory.

    TB shutn people down, and props raja

    I was just startn hollow original ranks at these time.
  17. Holy crap is this old.

    Bump, so I can add it to the HTSS. If anybody else wants to go searching and bump Great War era threads, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  18. Holy crap!! Only a few of them are active though