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  1. Ok forums this is not open for trolls or others not affiliated with iG. Trolls most likely will suffer so be careful.
    Unknown to some there has been an internal struggle in iG for control. This struggle has been mostly due to internal problems with iG counsel but and the latest manifestation of it is war. iG has long has its problems I will be the first to say but now it pretty much has invited outsiders of the clan into the fray. I pretty much cut my losses with the disbanding of iG but it seemed to have reached its hand into my pocket and got back into my world.

    There is much but hurt in iG world regarding what or what not heywtf did or failed to do but in the end it matters not. Kaw is not perfect nor the players.

    I spent years in iG family and I know there is no family like it and I have never met a member of iG/wig/wit I didn't like, past present or future. The war ethic is like no other.

    I'm writing this thread because I think personally that it is time to end iG hostilities. Counsels fail due to grudges and such, and I think that iG council of late has failed to represent our true cause (farming and having fun) so I believe that when the leadership fails the people the people have to represent themselves.

    I'm calling for an end to hostilities and so is heywtf. I have on great faith that he just wants iG to thrive and go on to kick kaw ass.

    Also I in good faith have rejoined iG. I will not return hits on iG or my oG brothers. I am doing so as a message and a statement. Nothing is or will be had by this war. This is akin to asking laoda to relinquish control of zaft.

    In closing, enemies have been made I know however I ask that those with that much hate respectfully go their way.

  3. This isn't going to stop anything...
  4. Go fight your war
  5. I won't hit iG members. Never have except having a few laughs in farm fest. Council jumped me first though in farmfest to be fair though. They wanted a preemptive strike on me for da lolz.

    I support peace in iG. I'll help if I can.
  6. ^Swabia supporting peace? :eek:
  7. Support if you wouldn't mind me. But after all games are made for people to have fun!
  8. Swabia wants to end war 2? 0-0
  9. Funny story but even in wig swab helped me during many a war. MUCH RESPECT
  11. Yep come on now people of IG it's time to show your true colours and prevail, IG should stand out as a front runner in kaw and not as the demolished self it is atm.

    I've never been IG nor have I wanted to but kaw is pretty much spelt with IG and as a kaw member I would rather a world with a strong IG.

    125 reasons why u should and 0 reasons why u shouldn't.

  12. what he said
  13. I support this I miss ig
  14. I g is part of Kaw and should return to kicking everyone's ass as a team not each others it needs to return to its former glory the I g that trained me and taught me how to osw support for Wiley and his cause 
  15. Is this a cf request? As in a surrender thread?
  16. You can't win a war fighting with your brother. Respect to you all
  17. I been gone a few months or longer, WiT was my home clan for a long while and had the most impact on me than any other clan I've been in. I was saddened to hear about the internal war of iG.
  18. I support your movement Wiley  I've been in this family for 3 years and it sucks to see the crooked ambitions of both councils soil and ruin this family. Ppl need to swallow their pride and realize that they are causing more harm than good. There will be no end to this if both sides choose to continue and war... And it will be the death of a legendary myth. 
  19. So u want to end the war to start new ones? I say just keep warring your brothers