iG vs annihilation

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  1. [​IMG] The next time iG challenge Annhilation to a war.Me and SkinnyMinny put our names forward to join iG side.
  2. The challenge is still on. Yoshi still is wimping behind his brutal ‘warriors’. From me hitting them I’ve been collecting nothing but tears why __golden__ used 3 accounts to try and zs me.
  3. I know annihilation has read this and I’m waiting for a reply. Is a clan scared to fight 30 members? Or are you scared of iG like you always have been? Midori Idaga 1,200 on nk while golden 511 on zoma. Buncha fairies.
  4. When the guy that used to cry during pvp is now a ps with no allies. Another A+ Bach
  5. One clan was jus dead an the other starts alot an finish nothing cute pics by the way if I was a noob I'd be all smitten an stuff
  6. Your just another irrelevant drama parasite on kaw please shoo nobody here wants an infection.
  7. Every time this guy gets in a fight he gives a blow by blow account in real time in world chat.
  8. His mom doesn't let him out much
  9. Nub clan fite
  10. Sorry- did Bach just call someone a drama queen/parasite omg the irony
  11. This is still a thing?
  12. Did IG get annihilated?

  13. Lmao yep
  14. Lock per op request!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.