iG vs annihilation

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  1. From depths of hell we arose, we arose flawless, bound to no rules, we seen empires rise and fall.

    We made empires fall, and today we stand, we stand to make another empire submit to might of iG.

    An empire who goes by the name of annihilation. Who betrays there alliance for the good of themselves.

    They wanted war, we gave them.

    To this day this osw doesn’t have as much fun as it should be. Anyone can recover strip funds. Anyone can hide in eb (Kingkemet)..

    so we challenge annihilation to a 48 hour system war old style.

    You think we gave everything we have...you have no idea who you disturbed.

    We issue this challenge.

    Type: System War

    Duration: 48 Hours

    When: To be agreed upon

    Roster Size: Up to 100. iG will not utilize 20 extra slots.

    This SWar won’t dictate the osw but it will give a good ol fashioned arena to test each other’s skill and fight and KaW can track along and see.

    Warriors of Annihilation

    Will you accept the challenge?

    iG - Libera anima vestra
  2. Re: iG vs ___annihilation___

    Cool graphics and interesting read man. iG and their practical jokes, always good stuff. System war terrors lol. “You think you’ve seen all we have... you have awoken a system war monster. First foxes, now YOU!”. iG trolling at its best.

    Oh wait... you’re serious. Awkward.
  3. Re: iG vs ___annihilation___

     wars actually track hits. Anni not interested in showing how pathetic they are.
  4. 5 fail strips lol
  5. Sit yalls asses down and don't raise ur hand till ur called on. Don't be no forum warrior
  6. The problem for anni as a war clan is that they've never actually won a war. They usually only fight clan vs an individual.

    Outside of yoshi' and voyager. The rest are just nothing accounts used for finishing epics
  7. What has your clan done in the osw? We made 5 people cf wbu? You stripped and cleared in inactive alt and that’s it...you complained I hit from pin when I had a shower I came back sti no inc.. you hid in eb and had 511 actions lol. Don’t talk till your called on, annihilation is in the spotlight because of iG.
  8. This guy isn't even part of anni. He joined only a week ago, then run away yesterday, and now he's back. This guy is a joke
  9. I like this idea of system wars becoming the new means to settling disputes. I been thinking about this for a while.
  10. Lol. Me and lord go back to my first family clan on KaW. Tought me this game. Y'all talk all the trash and dish it with fails like roni. U can't come into a forum and make a thread if u just dishing scrub scout bombs and fail. And go for it...talk more crap....cuz that's all y'all seem to be good at. Toranaga sama on y'all asses....oh, and WE LIKE TO MOVE IT MOVE IT

  11. You would know about butt plugs wouldn't you? Aren't you the kotfe buttplug licker???

    What's with the new username? lol tired of being SkinnyCatfish? ...man? lol u sure about that? Still go by Allison or is it Al Bundy for real now?
  12. Btw iG and Annihilation both suck lol 
  13. Re: iG vs ___annihilation___

  14. Add me on line I have a ton of ss of anni talking trash on walls and wc. Cut the lies your not even part of annihilation or whatever there called
  15. Great. Eb fairies vs eb fairies. How exciting.
  16. For ducks sake just go away ig nobody cares
  17. Great thread Brutal Lord of dominance & pain Bachkeda ! Lets go straight to the nitty gritty facts about Anhihilation.i never expected them to accept a challenge of a systhm war and i bet no one in iG did either .Doing that would take time away from hitting ebs and events.With the systhm war shutting down all ebs within their clan for 48 hours so that the war can take place.That is a no-no for Anhilation.Nothing can halt their routine of ebs are the number 1 factor within our clan .Everything else comes second. We need our fix of the ebs and routine to start us off to the day . EB'S to Anhihilation is their pick-me-up like the rest of Kaw need coffee for that adrenilene boost.
  18. And __Golden__ is such a big liar.When me and SkinnyMinny mentioned in worldchat that Golden has only been in Anhihlation 5 days .He replyied in w.c that he was a trusted admin in Anhilation in 2012 .But durr anyone can read the clans info page and it has stated Annhilation was created in 2014. And the other day i had been hitting idga for a few hours .When he came on kaw he did 1 scout and came writting on my wall saying dtw roni .But because he was silenced on his idga account he swapped over to midari account to write on my wall instead. Yet he pretends it is his reallife wife.But we all know it really is his alt .He is getting so forgetful and carryied away that he trips up and exposes himself in his lies .
  19. Annihilation please send some incoming.

    Your stupid clan name has underscores in it and your players have tags. What kind of weak hiding crap is that?

    Wall me with a link you choads. I don’t want to have to copy paste you each time.

    I’ll just sit here in this easy to spell 2 letter clan and have a name that’s easy to recognize and you can come find me when you pull your war socks up and act like you’re playing.

    Oh, also feel free to try another strip. I enjoy the attention. You might try when I sleep or I work. Those are a good 16 hours a day you can fail to clear me out.
  20. Can i wall you even though i don't own a pair of nuts nor a banana.
    And are You talking about people who are wider than they are tall?
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