iG- Synergy war: answers to questions.

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  1. not sure how you consider that a lie. You may not like what he said but to call it a lie is a little off isn’t it?

    or is everything you do not like a lie?
  2. his comment was clearly a childish remark which i was reffering to in the first part of my reply. The second part was about all the absolute bs in every single message you posted lmao....

    what did you think was gunna happen....
    Was it worth it 🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣 you a funny man.. Liar but certainly funny 🙃
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  3. Amazing. “All you said are lies but I cannot prove it” response.

    yea try again.

    what do you think about IMF’s claim that Lux was a guest? Lux was not an iG guest. He’s been back as a full on iG since before IMF hire hit him.

    Note that IMF is not trying to sell that claim anymore.

    Did IMF make a mistake when he made that claim?

    Or did he lie?

  4. Nobody cares what you have to say IMF!! Ur a trash as person. How long have we been friends? Your clan failed stripped me so I came to ur messages to talk some friendly **** but you can’t even handle that. I know ur full of lies dude. You can’t even deny that! You have ur clan mates believing whatever you want them to believe. Trust me when I say this! You are simply the biggest cry baby in all of KAW.
  5. I just noticed this:

    Did you say “ A CF was reached where Lux agreed to leave iG and he to become a member of Carnage. Lux then went back on the CF terms and headed back to iG, so therefore, hits resumed”.

    So let me understand this. Your demand when you hit Lux was for him to leave iG?

    And since he returned to iG you thought it was ok to hire hit him?

    And you claimed to not act against iG? Are you for real?
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  6. Let me address these properly.

    ( Dating back to when Lux was originally Hit, May 16th of 2023 while being a Synergy-member - to the Present day )

    Karna being your target - Your claim of him being a prior target is a complete lie. He was the only person you could hit when JWB started his conflict with True Spartans ( a conflict where he didn’t ask for your help ) . After stripping most of the clan, He CF’d to JWB and left the clan.You had not hit him until the night he joined the first GREMLINATION AOTA because you still seem to think this social group on line is somehow full of evil cheaters. No, it’s just a group of very active and wonderful people who all happen to dislike you. Karna literally never touched a soul, all he ever did was EE.

    Lux being your target - I really don’t think you want to even dive into this one. You hit him out of the fear that IG would grow and try to open on Synergy ( which you ironically ended up causing do to this Incident ) IG was a separate clan at the time who had members of Green petals ( who you had just granted a CF to ) there was no affiliation with Templo, there was no active war going on with any of them. You proceeded to hit him again once Carnage decided to smarten up and leave the War you started. He had every right to go back to his Home clan. They were out of the war and you were just bitter you were all alone again.

    Lastly I absolutely love the fact that you have to teachers pet your way to tattle telling and name dropping the Devs for “ Sorting Lux out “ your hypocrisy amazes me. By that same logic they should sort out “ Deadmanwalking “ by that logic they should sort out “ Smudge0812 “ by that logic they should’ve sorted out “ MasterChief “ but you don’t mention that do you? You stand here with this twisted superiority complex while you fold the narrative of a war that dozens of people know the reasons behind. We were there, we were synergy, you can’t lie to the people who experienced this by your side. You love to cry wolf when others bend the rules as you sit on your high horse while you do the exact same. Your side pioneered the state that the game is in, yet you stand here with the balls to act innocent.

    If you want the Screenshots of any of what I just said feel free to ask :) unlike you I can back up what I say with proof. This isn’t a VM to Nikki that you can try and twist and hide and this isn’t a message to Wease about funds for Lux that you can try to twist and lie about. Thid isn’t some beg to Curtis that you can try and swindle your way through.

    This is the truth.

    You can’t manipulate people like you once were able to anymore.
  7. 😮‍💨 HamHam cooking right now.

    What a great time to be playing KAW ✌️🥸

    🔥 ⋘˻͝ʹ͜ ˓͜⌯⃕✩͠➟͢ i̸G̸ ✦✩͠➲͢⌯⃔ʹ͜˻͝˻͝⋙ ☠️ 𝔚𝔢 𝔗𝔢𝔯𝔯𝔬𝔯𝔦𝔷𝔢 🔥
  8. OhDamn 🫣
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  9. Can anyone help me with furn pricing?
  10. Search the clan bunnys sanctuary it has accurate prices on the clan page
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  11. Hammy, that was the highlight of this thread. Well done 👏
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  12. TS picked a fight with LSA? In what timeline? Not this one—typical Syn BS.
  13. I’m seeing a lot of subtle accusations being thrown around by a guy who wakes up within seconds of an ally hire to hit quests🤨 Very strange to be questing so often in 2024 but as you say, we’ll let the devs unravel the mystery there.

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  14. IMF and his Syn supporters used a common tactic. They pretended that what was said were untrue.

    And yet, this is a man who claimed Lux was just a guest. It could have worked if I did not know better. If I was not the one who reinvited Lux back to iG more than a year ago.

    This is a man who claimed Karna was his perm farm because of a previous conflict. When it turned out that he was angry that Karna was part of a Line group that did not particularly like him.

    This is a man who is so vindictive as to want to perm farm Karna after a war because of his membership in a Line group.

    This is a man who think he can decide which clan Lux was allowed to be in. Who think he could decide who was allowed to be in iG.

    This is a man whose lies have been exposed by multiple people from various clans.

    So my question to deathstroke, his loyal clanmate and supporter.

    Did IMF make mistakes in his behaviour?

    Or did he lie?
  15. Words
    Words lose impact when constantly repeated.
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  16. Hello All, My name is Tanner. Some of you know me as Lodi, others as chocolate from my EE days. The reason I’m posting though, is because I was known as xSyn_Tanner. I’m not going to go into the politics of the osw, as much as how I was treated, and the reason I didn’t return to Syn after my break.

    IMF was an amazing friend to me, a great leader in Warlor, but something shifted. He’s more paranoid, he had gone as far as saying I couldn’t speak to anyone in iG, Templo, or Gremlination. He said a lot, and I listened to him in full. Then I made the decision that ultimatums are not my thing, and joined with my friends. They couldn’t care less that I had a 40 minute phone call with lemon, where I was accused of releasing VMs sent to me by IMF. Well..since one those VMs hold relevant information to this situation today, I felt obligated to send those to where they belong, iG and Templo Del Cielo. So without further ado, let’s deep dive into where you went wrong, shall we?

    First off Stephen, you should never lie to your friends. telling me outdated information, and accusing Templo of acts they never committed or condoned, I expected better from you. As far as your issues with iG, you’ve done well to save face, we both have heard your actual opinions, my favorite is you claiming iG was an enemy clan, before he ever even arrived. So which is it bud, did you hire hit him because Lux went to iG, the clan whom you deemed were the “enemy”(your own word choice), or because you felt there was something shady? I’m also well aware of why you are upset, lemon told me you were close, but this is no way to act because someone no longer wishes to be your friend.

    I’m sorry they are not your friend anymore, but shutting out people who cared about you out of fear it will happen again IS NOT the way to handle it, neither is this charade. Give up the facade, apologize for your actions, and take people into your life you’ve pushed away.

    Your Dear Friend,



    Just to prove you right, since you already accused me several times of leaking your VM. Here’s a transcript of it. Anyone is free to reach out to me or Deni for the audio version.

    “Yeah man, IG has no purpose. Like, they kicked off a war with HB, an EB Clan, all because they wanted to force them to hand over their clan and their 120 clan slots. You know how there's only like the two clans? They used to be iG. It used to be um, iG and Foxes I think. So they were like ‘oh that's ours’ and it's like well no HB had an agreement with the person who who owned the clan and they made it into HB, made it their own legitimately, not through like osw or threats or anything like that so for a new iG clan to start up and say ‘oh that's our clan we're gonna war you over it’, it’s just stupid and then when Clan A broke off of KOTFE, the second that they did, iG went after him. Or, green petals rather which eventually became merged into IG. And then Karna was my perm farm before he was ever in IG, he runs to IG because they offer him [redacted]. They didn't even vet him, didn't even ask him questions like oh are you already in like any 1v1s or anything like that. no he didn't say [stuff] to them. But- but somehow I'm aggressor like no that's been an ongoing thing since our little fight with TS and karna uh and they were just like ‘oh no that's our member’ like no that's not your member he was my friend before he even went there. And then lux… that was [redacted] and i told jwb not to [redacted] (be friendly with) any of our enemies. [redacted] So I'm farming lux. And then one I know from Carnage reaches out and says, hey, Lux is going to come here and perm. Can he get a ceasefire? And I was like, as long as he agrees never to go back to IG again. And she's like, yep, he agrees, da-da-da-da, okay, okay. He goes to carnage for a little bit, builds up gold, goes back to IG, and then strips one of our guys, you know, a lot of gold. In total, it ended up being 1,000 Q, and Gin lost +500 Q of it. um so yeah so then he broke the ceasefire agreement i started farming them and then so that was what really kicked off the war was their strip on gin and it's like you know oh blame imf for this no blame your stupid leadership for a letting in somebody that was already my perm farm and housing a member that uh broke ceasefire agreement now i never farmed the rest of the IG clan just those two accounts for specific reasons. So it's not my problem, it's their problem. And apparently they're saying like, oh, IMFs trying to bully. No, I'm just sticking to the norms of KaW. This is how KaW operates. So don't even try to demonize me for your own leadership [mess]-ups. That's not my problem.”
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  17. Quick link to me, in case you want that audio file, or any of the other ones. 💕
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  18. Karna was mine, and only my target. During the LSA/TS beef. Not one single time in the entire beef with TS did anyone other than me try to hit karna who largely outsized me. Karna CF’d, left Ts. And the beef was over with him.

    lux was IG perm at the time he was hit. The sole reason for hitting was because the account was iG and “they are enemies”

    that is all.
  19. Finally some action and updates on osw. Thank you for keeping us engaged and entertained.
  20. As someone that knows nothing, I can say this… I’d be sooner to back the lb player responding to a thread he doesn’t need to( show me another one doing so lately) than the leader playing Cat RP. But that’s just me..,
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